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I often feel suicidal, please help in coming out of this.

Question : I often try to make things go wrong but I don't know if it is self-pity. I often find myself thinking about committing suicide, thinking of ways to do it and planning my way out. I even go to the roof to contemplate the possibility of jumping off. I don't know what to do till now as far as I have gone is cutting myself or taking every medicine from the cabinet of my house. I don't have friends to talk to. My family doesn't listen all they think of it to be a an attempt for attention. I feel so left out and alone. It makes me feel like dying is the best thing that could happen right now.... I feel so hopeless. Teentalker

Dear Teentalker, 

Thanks for connecting with us. I can really understand your mental situation and how hard you are finding your life challenging. 

Instead of kicking yourself, underrating and being so much self critical, stop for a while and evaluate your intrinsic resources, talents, potentials, creativity, interests and all the positives and have a glimpse of your other self. There are undiscovered, uncovered, untapped goodness and strengths that are waiting to be unleashed.

Everyone in this world comes with package of gifts from the creator, to glorify his name by doing he duties that we are chos.....

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