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I can’t cope with my academics and hate going to school. I can’t take it anymore and want to put a full stop to my life.

Question : My Grade 11 finals are just around the corner and I’m not prepared. The whole year I’ve had trouble coping with academics, I blank out, hand in half-hearted assignments and now hate going to school. This has never happened before. People assume I’m just sleep-deprived and they are right. But it’s worse for me. I’ve been hurting myself (pinching and scratching) regularly. I’ve tried really hard but I don’t think I have the energy to go on and get out of this. I’m really considering just putting a full stop to my life. Teentalker , 15-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

Exam time can be a stressful time. Stress in small doses is healthy and helps us reach our potential but when this stress reaches the tipping point it could become distress and our performance gets affected.

Here are a few active steps you can take:

  • Identifying triggers and warning signs will help you understand the source of your distress.
  • Talking to your school counsellor. They can help you work through your emotions and help you focus on how to manage your time better to reduce your discomfort.

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