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I’m attracted to both girls and boys. I’m confused whether I’m gay or straight!

Question : A while ago I saw two men kiss on TV and I thought it was really cute. But recently I attended a “celebrate pride” event with my friend who is gay. Suddenly many of the men seemed hot or cute and I was also hit on by a guy. Later, he held my hand and we talked for almost an hour and before I realized it, I told him he was cute. We connected emotionally but I’ve also been attracted towards girls and I end up getting really confused about myself. I’m unsure about my sexual feelings. It’s frustrating me. Am I gay or am I straight? Teentalker , 17-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

I can only imagine how frustrating that must be for you. Having feelings whether emotional or physical towards the same gender or the opposite gender or both can be confusing!

The differences in sexual and emotional attraction can also be so challenging! Our sexual identity/orientation can keep changing at this age so whether you identify yourself as gay or straight or bisexual or maybe you don’t feel like giving a label to yourself, you eventually need to do what feels right to you even if it means not sticking to a particular orientation until.....

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