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I think I’m gay, I can’t relate to female fantasies and don’t know who to talk to!

Question : I have a feeling I’m gay. I'm not too sure but I don’t care about girls the same way that boys my age do. I mean they talk about their female fantasies all the time and I always pretend that I have the same feelings, but it’s only becoming more difficult for me to lie. I like this one guy in class, but I wonder if it’s just a phase. I just don’t know who to speak to. I know my friends will laugh at me and mock me, maybe they won’t even believe me. I definitely can’t discuss this with my parents. I’m consumed by this problem and I can’t focus on anything else. I’m afraid I'm going to breakdown. Please help! Teentalker , 14-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

Thank you for sharing this here – so many teens go through these questions of sexual identity and it can take up a lot of their attention and energy while they try to work through it alone. You aren’t alone and we can begin to process some of your feelings together. And before we begin I want to reassure you that everything you’re feeling, and whether you’re attracted to guys or girls, is completely normal and makes you no less of an equal human being. Here are a few additional things to remember:

  • Being gay is completely.....

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