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My parents are getting a divorce and I feel it’s my fault. Can’t they just get along and be happy.

Question : My parents told me that they are getting divorced. My mother will go live with my Nani and Nana in their house, and I will live two weeks with my father, two weeks with my mother. I knew my parents had problems, but doesn’t everyone have problems? Why do they have to have a divorce? And they’ve said that it isn’t to do with me, but I don’t believe them – some of their fights had to do with my tuition fees. Now I’ll be the “kid with the divorced parents” and that’s so humiliating and shameful. Why can’t they just get along and we can be a happy family again. Teentalker , 13-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

It sucks that your parents are going through a divorce – divorces are never easy for anyone involved. You sound like a really self-aware teen and I’m glad that you’re seeking answers to your questions during this confusing time. Let’s focus on two things: One, how your parents’ divorce has little, if anything, to do with you, Two, what you can do to manage the disturbance to your family life and routine.

Here are some steps you can take

  • Divorces are never easy and clean, and give yourself time and space t.....

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