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I was adopted and earlier it didn’t make a difference but now at 17 ,I feel my parents are not ‘mine’

Question : I am an only child but I was adopted when I was a baby. Earlier this did not make much of a difference to me, my (adoptive) parents were just as good as, or even better, than everyone else’s. But now I’m 17, and have frequent and emotionally draining fights with my parents. I hate all my relatives too. I’ve been through depression and a whole lot of stuff in the last 3 years and though I’ve almost recovered, I still find it so hard to tell my parents anything - to confide in them. I either seem to do things to hurt them, or I hide things because I feel like telling them would hurt them. I don’t even trust them, because I feel they are not “mine”.& Teentalker , 17-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

Thank you for writing in – I’m sorry you’re struggling with so many feelings right now. Even though you recognize that your adoptive parents have been loving and good to you, you seem to be wrestling with a sense of belonging… this is natural for many children who are adopted, and although that doesn’t make it better, I just want to reassure you that what you’re feeling is normal. Here are a few active steps you could take:

  • Allow yourself to feel conflicted - many adopted teens struggle with guilt and a sens.....

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