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I broke up with my best friend, and now things seems to have changed. Everything just sucks

Question : I am in 11th grade,  and I feel a lot has changed around me. Sometimes I cry at such petty things. Maybe it's because I kinda broke up with one of the greatest friends. People  say that I have changed or become 'artificial' but if they were my friends they wouldn't say that, or I thought they wouldn't. It's not my fault, I just have a different stream and board, and therefore can't take out so much time for them. Some people have started taking advantage. Everything just sucks.I talk to my parents but obviously you can't tell them everything.I have a brother but I hardly get to talk to him, 

Dear Teentalker, 

Thanks for reachong us. First take a deep breathe and stay calm.Seeking help is a sign of courage not weakness. The world of relationships is ever changing. And life too is ever changing and in constant motion. Crying (within limits) is a very healthy way of releiving yourself of heavy emotions. Also I am sorry you lost a great friend. It can hurt a lot when a friendship breaks. I completely understand.

Relationships are complex and navigating through them is key. If you have friends who understand that you are in another stream, stick with them. They are the ones who truly value you. Also, you ca.....

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