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I always try to help everyone, but when I need help, no one is there for me.

Question : Friends are really important to  me but it ALWAYS happens with me that whenever i need some help or i reach out for anyone there is NOBODY.  I always tried to help everyone to maximum extent i can go but i receive not even 1% of it back. why does this happen to me always. its not that i am a really bad person because people do like talking me but only when they wish to. There is never what i wish to. i just feel like such a looser that i couldnt even do a thing like making friends.   Dear Khushi, Teentalker , 16-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your concerns.

It can hurt a great deal when you go out of the way to help other people and make them comfortable but they don't necessarily reciprocate when the time comes. That can feel like life is so unfair and make one wonder, what's the point of being so nice, so kind? But then, being helpful and committed to what you're doing is at the very core of who you are and that's precisely why going through such phases can seem so challenging, so difficult, so painful.

Being extremely kind to people, doesn't make you loser; infact, this.....

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