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I have acne and hate looking at myself in the mirror.

Question : I’m feeling really terrible about myself these days because I have really bad acne. Some classmates call me a strawberry, and not in a good way… my parents are really concerned with my skin and are constantly fretting about it, which makes me feel worse. I hate looking at myself in the mirror and last week I faked being sick so I didn’t have to go to school. Everyone else has flawless skin – it’s not fair that I’m the ugly one.  Please tell me what to do because I feel depressed. Teentalker , 15-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

Thanks for writing to us. I can understand how sad you feel at this.

Your letter hit home with me because I’ve been through an acne problem right from my teens through my 20s! It took me by surprise when it started affecting my self-confidence: I suddenly didn’t want to leave the house, and when I did I used to try to hide behind friends or cover my face with my hair (which of course made the acne worse!). My mother was constantly getting me to try different home remedies – none of which worked for me. Oh, and aunties and uncles const.....

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