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I feel like a 'loser' and fear missing out on the fun my friends are having!

Question : All my friends have the best of gadgets like the latest Iphone7/Samsung and I’m here trying to hide my phone which is a Lenovo. I don’t even have a MacBook like all my friends. They are all always making plans to party every weekend. My parents don’t let me go to these parties either and I feel like such an outcaste and a loser and my parents say it’s a waste of money, spending so much on these things and partying so often. When I see them post pictures on FB and snapchat, I feel I’m missing out on all the fun. My friends tease me about it. Will my parents ever understand me? Teentalker , 16-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

I can only imagine the frustration you are experiencing. I’ve met more students your age having the same question: ‘Why can’t our parents understand us?’, that we need to have a certain phone or a laptop or be part of a certain party. This might be more about Peer pressure as compared to parents not understanding you. Let me help you understand what it means. Friends your age or classmates are referred to as your Peers and Peer pressure refers to them influencing you to act or to get you to do something. In your case may be the pressure t.....

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