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I lost my grandfather and not able to see him for the last time. I cannot accept this and can't cry.

Question : I'm a student studying in china and on the last day of my exam I got informed that my grandfather is serious and he is in ICU so I urgently booked the ticket and reached India and till then my parents are saying that he is fine but when I reached home he was no more it was 4th day. I just wanted to see him last time I love my grandfather and I always told my parents if anything happens just tell me but they said I had my exam they are also right but just now I can't accept he is dead I can't cry. Teentalker

 Dear Teentalker,

Thanks for reaching out.

I felt so sad after reading your issue, I can imagine the pain you are going through. Our grandparents hold a very special place in our lives. Losing a grandparent can be really painful because we can draw a lot of love and support from them, sometimes even without realizing it. It sounds like your grandpa's loss has hit you really hard and the reason you feel stuck getting through it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: There is no one timeline for processing death, and it is perfectly normal to be experiencing upsetting emotions after your Grandp.....

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