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I am petrified by the subject Maths. How can I overcome that?

Question : To be very honest with you. I'm lacking in mathematics. It's a kind of subject which frightens me the most. Whenever my exams are approaching. I'm particularly afraid of this subject. I always try to study hard and to make most of it. But whenever I see the question paper, I am petrified and due to nervousness. I almost end ruining my maths exams. And as a result, I score badly. So, I need your assistance regarding this matter.' Teentalker

Dear Teentalker,

Thanks for sharing your concern.


A lot of students experience math anxiety when faced with a math course. The fear you may have with math might not actually be due to math, but with test-taking in general. Although this reaction emerges in your math class or on a test, it might not be caused by math itself. Remember, math is just another general education course. You don't need to be intimidated or dread the math class you need as a prerequisite.

Mathematics has been the foundation of many of our scientific and technological discoveries. In fact, there is even a ph.....

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