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My mother denies ever beating me, I'm angry yet I love my parents!

Question : My mother used to beat me up from age 11-15years. She used the hanger and a belt and I used to have bruises all over and my dad never stopped her. I don't understand why, I always had good grades and did everything as per their wishes, maybe I was never the perfect son. I have moved to another city for my studies. They shower me with the best of gifts, watches, laptop, phones but they still don't get me, that's not what I need. Even despite the beatings, I care for them. When I remind her of what she did, she just denies it. I have started rebelling against them and feel angry thinking about it. Is it wrong to resent them yet love them? Teentalker , 18-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

I’m sorry you had to endure such abuse in your early years. You are one of the bravest people to withstand this kind of a trauma for so many years. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry you were at the receiving end of your parent’s frustration which qualifies as abuse. Given the circumstances, it must have been really tough for you back then and now thinking about it, you end up reliving the pain. You resent them yet love them and that in between feeling is the anger you feel. It's only normal to have these thoughts and feelings. There.....

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