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The Psychology behind Suicide

Why did their friend, child, parent, spouse, or sibling take their own life? Even when a note explaining the reasons is found, many long lasting questions usually remains.

What could be the possible reason why a person felt enough misery to want to die? Why did they feel that way? A person's suicide often takes the people it leaves behind by surprise. In general, people try to kill themselves for the following reasons:

1. They're depressed: Severe depression is always accompanied by a pervasive sense of suffering as well as the belief that escapes from it is hopeless. 

2. They're impulsive: Often related to drugs and alcohol, some people make an impulsive attempt to end their lives. Once sobered and calmed, these people usually feel emphatically ashamed. 

3. A philosophical desire to die: The decision to commit suicide for some is based on a reasoned decision, often motivated by the presence of a painful terminal illness from which little to no hope exists.

4. They've made a mistake: This is a recent, tragic phenomenon in which typically young people get trapped.

Here is a psychological intervention that is needed to deal with all the above mentioned issue:

Get in touch with a counselor: Only a qualified mental health professional can give you the advice and diagnosis you need to figure out what is happening and how to resolve it. There is absolutely no shame in getting help, so do it right now – today, before things get worse.

Talk to friends: Be honest with your friends about your feelings. If you are feeling down, tell them that. If you need someone to talk to, tell them that, too.

Join support groups: There are numerous groups online and in person that can help you through your issue by offering up stories of those who have already walked this path.

Take medication as directed: If you are prescribed medications, take them exactly as directed. Never stop them simply because you are “feeling better.” This can lead to a rebound effect, which can make your case even more severe.

The wounds suicide leaves in the lives of those left behind by it are often deep and long lasting. It can be very difficult to understand suicide. Sometimes there is no way to understand – the person who dies by suicide has a very deep pain that defies explanation, even to them. However, trying to understand what drives someone to such a desperate act might lead to help for others.

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A letter to my parents…

A letter to my parents…
Nishtha JunejaTeentalkindia Content Writer

I think this letter might upset you in many ways. But I thought it would be better to write down my feelings as it is easier for me.

I feel alone all the time. A part of me is unhappy. Gradually and steadily I started liking the feeling of being alone. But who likes to be alone? Maybe sometimes everyone wants their private space but how about living in complete absence of people.

I feel pain. The depth of pain is experienced by the one who is experiencing it. No person other than him can experience it. It’s true that when you need someone to stand by you, all of them vanish.

I feel helpless. I look back at my life and ask myself, “How many happy moments do I wish to remember?” None comes to my mind. Grief, sorrow, regret, agony and pain have enveloped my mind that not even the tiniest ray of joy penetrates into it. My heart seems to just beat, bleed the pain. Every breath reminds me of the misfortune that I’m still alive.

The pain is embedded in my heart. When life offered a way to change, there were others to stop. Rejection is when hope dies. Dusk follows dawn, but what if dusk overpowers dawn, what if one is just living because one cannot die.

Strong surges of emotion travel through me; mostly of hatred. I don’t feel right, I just don’t belong here. Just because I breathe does not mean I’m living, just because I smile does not mean I’m happy, just because my heart beats does not mean I’m alive.


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