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What you need to know about ‘Sexting’

Sexting can prove to be dangerous for those who don't understand its consequences

With the advent of Internet, portable devices and social media, there have been various sexual changes in our culture and society. Exchange of sexual content have become more prevalent in India. One such trend has been of 'Sexting'. However, it is important to know that it is a mistake and can out your life and reputation at stake.

What is ‘Sexting’?

Sexting is to send, receive or forward sexually explicit messages or photos through smartphones, computers, laptops or other digital device. Sexting is popular among teens with approximately 25 to 30 per cent of them admitting to sexting.

How it Happens

You’ve just been hit by the cupid’s arrow and your love interest has shown some interest in you too. You try to be friends with them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and see their whereabouts on a daily basis. Gradually you start chatting and talking over phone to each other, sometimes even for hours late at night. Since you’re both teens and your hormones are screaming out loud, you both feel strongly sexually attracted to each other and start sending pictures as well. It starts with sending cute, just out of bed, took a haircut, got a shave kind of pictures and slowly leads to where it shouldn’t.

Following are few of the many troubles that comes with sexting:

Embarrassment: At first it will seem like fun and pleasure but it might lead to shameful moments in the future.

Humiliation: If the picture goes viral on social media, it will result in getting a bad reputation in the society, be that a girl or boy.

Out of Control: One of the many disadvantage of social media is that once you hit send, you can't undo your action. Everything sent in cyberspace will never go away permanently.

Retaliation: Your ex might seek revenge and, in turn, might also find ways to seek revenge.

Extortion: The blackmailer may leverage his or her possession of compromising communication and images.

Losing good opportunities: Most companies and universities do a background check before admitting a candidate. What they find online can easily deviate their decision.

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What is LGBTQ?

Recently the term LGBTQ has become popular among Indians. This has also given rise to many questions in the naive minds of teenagers who are not aware of the term and what it actually stands for. If you too have the same question, read on
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Let’s start with the basic question first i.e. the full form of LGBTQ

L – Lesbian

G – Gay

B – Bisexual

T – Transgender

Q – Queer

So it includes people who come under the above mention categories.

Generally speaking science claims that there are only two genders: male and female. You must be thinking ‘that’s bizarre’ and that is a legitimate response too.

Consider any gay couple around you: one of them is always more feminine than the other. Doesn’t this mean that two of them are of different sexual constructs? If that is so, isn’t that a different gender altogether?

You might have come across women who although like to be dressed as men are sexually oriented towards men or men who like dressing up and looking a bit feminine but still have their sexual interests in women.

There is a whole lot of variety when it comes to sexuality, orientations and interests.

Recently a research has revealed that there are 63 genders in humans. However, there are always debates on such topics which seem to be never ending. Not only are the researchers and scientists confused but even we, as humans of average IQ, many a times tend to think that people whose sexes or sexualities are unusual are mistakes of nature or nurture.

Our determined emphasis on thinking in terms of binary categorizations of male/female, man/woman, heterosexual/homosexual, right/wrong etc. serves as a hindrance to our vision.

Hence, now it is time that we begin to recognize that they are far more "mistakes of society" than "mistakes of nature". We need to reconstruct ourselves for the purpose of coming to see, appreciate, and understand the value of human gender, sex, and sexual diversity. It has now become for us as a society and nation, to start reforming our opinions regarding different genders.

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