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Take The Best Friends test

Friends are an essential part of a teen's life. And if you have a best friend then you're really lucky!

"Best Friends Forever", "BFFs","soulmates", these are the most popular hashtags these days among teenagers. It is this time of age when one gets friends for a lifetime.

We all have that one friend who knows what will cheer us up on our bad days, which colour suits us the most, who is our favourite artist, which is our favourite dish and even who irritated us the most. If you believe you have found your true friend, here’s a test for you guys.

1. You already know that your bestie’s crush is not interested in them. However they are already planning on asking out their interest. What would you do?

  • You will remain silent as you don’t want them to get mad at you
  • You’ll explain why they might end up getting hurt

2. When somebody talks trash about your bestie and turn to you for input, what do you do

  • Say you actually like your friend
  • Defend your friend

3. Your friend was not invited to the most awaited party of the year. You would –

  • Ask if they can come with
  • Refuse to go without them

4. With which statement do you agree more regarding Good Friends

  • Hard to find
  • Worth a treasure

5. You and your bestie are just about to leave for a movie and your crush calls to meet you at the restaurant near the movie theatre you were going. You

  • Ask your friend if they are okay if you leave with your crush
  • Tell you crush you already have plans

6. Your bestie and you had a huge fight. You would

  • Wait till you both cool down
  • Sit and talk with each other

7. How often you keep secrets with your bestie

  • Few
  • Nothing

8. You’ve had a long chat with your bestie at your place and you both are now out of anything to talk. You would:

  • Try and speak of something
  • Just chill and enjoy the silence

9. Imagine your bestie is going through a rough patch of life, you would

  • Contact them and ask how are they
  • Drop over at their place with their favourite snacks


If you selected 'first' option the most-

You both are close friends. You guys really click with each other and have been there for major life milestones. Although you are not BFFs to be precise. You need to be more vulnerable in your friendship to make a closer connection.

If you selected 'second' option the most-

You are THE bestie in their life. You are regular in showing how much they mean to you. You have been there with them in all ups and downs and are an honest friend. You’re lucky to have a friend and friendship like that. Cherish it forever!

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5 tips on dealing with friendship break-up

Break up is a part and parcel of every relationship, including friendship
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Friends form an indespensable and important part of a teenager's life. Hence friendship breakup is as stressful and hurtful as any other breakup. It takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions where you feel hurt, angry, confused, disappointed, etc all at the same time. Luckily you can help yourself, and here a few tips for the same.

Hit the Pause Button

Sending an angry Whatsapp message or going to their house uninvited to confront your friend might seem like a very good way to satisfy your anger, but believe it you’ll definitely regret it later. It’s better to take a step back before you do anything.

Give some time to yourself to figure out how you are feeling and what is your next step. Practice mindfulness and take some timeout from screens, this will give you peace and space to breathe.

Put the baggage behind

When you are sure to have to face your ex-friend at some point, you’ll have to find a way to not get awkward all the time. One solution could be talking it out with your ex-friend, calmly finding the reasons why your friendship ended. Try not to get too personal and hurt the other person and it might backfire. This will give you both a chance to have your say in the entire situation and leave all the baggage behind and move on.

Think of the big picture

When we are in a tough spot, we are more prone to get depressed. Try to keep things in perspective by thinking of the reasons behind the breakup. Maybe you don’t have as much in common these days, or maybe you’ve both found new groups of people that you want to spend more of your time with. It’s okay to feel upset about what’s going on, but try to keep the bigger picture in mind and see if there are any positive takeaways.

Get some help

It can help to remind yourself what’s good about friendships - do this by spending some quality time with good, solid friends. Take some time to vent about the dramas, have a good old fashioned cry and tell your peeps how they can get you back to feeling 100% again. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone in real life, you can speak to our experts or hit up our forums - they’re full of awesome, supportive people who’ll get it.

Be kind to yourself

Take the time to be sad or angry or however you need to feel - without getting stuck in the negatives for too long. There are lots of different ways to practice self care, just find the one that works for you.

Above all, remind yourself that you are a good friend and you definitely will be able to make new friends in the future.

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