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Don’t be crushed by a crush

Just as people remember their first love, their first kiss, most of us also remember majorly all details about our first ‘crush’

The sweaty palms, racing heartbeat or even the butterflies in the stomach, they are all symptoms when we have a crush on someone.  The moment we see our crush coming towards us, or when our friends tease us or when you and your crush is sitting on the same bench, we feel a mix of all of these feelings. However, unfortunately, ‘crush’ is what it actually is as it is very easy to feel crushed emotionally if you find that s/he doesn’t return your affections. And therefore, here are we with a few useful tips for moving on and moving up to your someone special.

What is a crush?

Unlike a relationship, a crush is not a two-way street. You may feel strong affection for someone you hardly know, for reasons you don’t even understand and this is what crush is.

Signs of a solid crush

  • You want to near your crush all the time, even you don’t know his/her name
  • You want to know almost everything about your crush and look for clues that prove you both are made for each other
  • You would change your schedules or habits to coincide with those of your crush
  • You feel embarrassed when s/he pays attention to you
  • You react nervously when your crush is physically close to you
  • You obsess for hours about a hypothetical future with your crush

Dealing with it

This is not something easy, rather it is hard work. When you have a crush on somebody everything becomes difficult, from eating to sleeping. Also, it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate on anything, especially studies. Therefore, to ensure that your life doesn’t fall apart while you have a crush on anyone, here are few guidelines:

  • Inform your friends of your crush and ask them to distract you
  • Focus extra on schoolwork
  • Take a hobby or anything that you were planning to do for a long time
  • It’s okay t fantasize at times, but don’t let that disturb your real life

Having a crush can be both magical and pain at the same time. Just let yourself enjoy the frivolity of it without letting your feelings overtake your common sense. Never risk your safety and reputation just to get in order to get your crush’s attention. In short, ride the entire out and let it die its natural death while maintaining your sanity.

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Things you only do with your BFF

We all have a friend who is more special than others. We call them our bestie or BFF
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

A best friend knows us better than ourselves. They are our go-to person in almost every situation, whether that be taking advice, making plans, having a shoulder to cry on or even group study. In fact, without a bestie we’d be totally lost. Our bestie doesn’t have to be someone of our age; he/she could be someone much younger to us or even our parents.

With time our bond with our bestie grows stronger and therefore there are certain things that we do only with them. It's not that they don’t judge us, but we don’t mind it coming from them. You might be having a list of best friends, but here are few things that you would do or have already done with your bestie. See how many you can check off the list.

  • The moment you start looking at old photos, you start ranting about that moment in details and for quite a long time
  • Ask them if you have body odour and need to re-apply deodorant
  • Ask them to stalk your ex or his/her new love interest
  • Go on a double date when you are not interested but your BFF needs a wingperson
  • Ask them to click “candid” photos of you which take hundreds of shots before you get the perfect one
  • Go for a long drive without planning
  • Plan your outfits for almost every outing, party or festival
  • Ask them to like and comment on your social media posts
  • Support them when they act clumsy or stupid in public
  • Be brutally honest with them
  • Send them the link of a new dress you saw online and ask whether you should buy it or not
  • Discuss group chats on personal chats
  • You have a separate and unique hashtag for photos of you together
  • Post the most embarrassing throwback photos of each other
  • You both know all the family drama of each other
  • You’ve been there for all major life moments and make sure they feel confident
  • Find all the finest details of the current crush
  • Complete each other’s sentences
  • Send screenshots of chat with your crush and ask what does any particular sentence mean
  • Borrow stuff from each other and never return them
  • Call their mom when they don’t pick their phone
  • Apart from these, there are many more fun things you do with your bestie. Share yours and let the world know.

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