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A Teen’s guide to dealing with difficult parents

Parents can be difficult to deal with at times, especially for teens.

Almost every other teen complain about having a difficult time dealing with their parents. However, the truth is some only see the superficial face of the situation without realizing that parents are actually people who support us. It cannot be denied, though, that there are parents who are actually a challenge to their kids. Nonetheless, negotiations are important in all relationships.

Here are a few tips for a better adjustment with your parents:

Don’t try to change the world

Although you may believe that many changes need to be brought about around you, it would still be a good idea to start with the small changes. You might be surprised that the small changes are all that is required to feel comfortable with parents.

Be polite

Being rude or disrespectful towards your parents is not a good way of negotiating with your parents. Show your willingness for a mature dialogue by speaking courteously.

Understand your own feelings

It will be useful to open a dialogue to discuss with your parents about the ways you irritate each other. Remember, you can be as irritating to them as they may be to you. The key is to respect their views that will help you to be prepared to give and take.

Be a good listener

Most of the time feelings overtake us so strongly that we blank out on listening. You may not agree with everything that your parents may have to suggest but that does not mean that it is worthless to listen to everything that they have to say.

Work out the solutions

Try to be a part of the solution rather than a problem. It is not useful to adopt the strategy of ‘no talk’ with parents. Suggest solutions when conflicts arise and keep the dialogue intact.

Discover what your parents fear about

If you consider closely, most the time the primary reason behind your parents' anger is some sort of fear they have for you. Try to find out their fears and push them to go further and explain it to you.

Be positive

Many reactions that teens display come out as complaints. It is important to explain how you feel rather than complaining. You can express your preferences as a request.

Showing responsibility and respect towards your parents makes your parents happy that you are turning into a great adult. It makes them know you are doing a great job.

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Date rules to make your first date memorable

A fine first date can make all the difference. Explore out what to do on a date to make sure you have a perfect first date!
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Dates can be a nerve-wracking thing, but they can also be really enjoyable. If you are going on a date with someone you are really fond of, then you’ll want to make a great impression on your first date. All you have to do is to plan a date that allows you to shine, have fun being yourself, and make an impression at the end of your date. If you’re wondering what to do on a date, there are quite a few points to keep in mind to ensure that both of you have unforgettable experiences:


Choose the right place

Selecting the perfect place for a first date can be tricky. At times, the perfect place warms up your date and take it to the next date, or it can end your date midway. The place you choose has a lot to do with your age and also your hopes out of your date. Like, cafes are perfect because you can evade the pressures of impressing or worrying about what to do if the date goes wrong, or worse, your date mate is just way too dull.

Dress appropriately

Dress depending on the location of the date, as well as what you plan on doing together. Girls honestly like it when guys dress formal (this may be a super idea if you plan on going on a dinner date).

Share more about yourself

During a date, it is very important that both individuals get a chance to tell more about themselves. This will make both of you more relaxed around each other, as well as help you decide if you want to take the relationship further or not. Don't be anxious! Tell about your family, your interests, even your classes as this is your chance to shine!

Be generous with your compliments

Praising not only shows that you are interested, but it also makes you feel so much more assured about yourself. Observe anything that's worthy of a compliment? Like you may say, "So I was looking at some of your Facebook pictures, and really liked this one!" Believe me, if he/she really likes you, he/she'll find it extremely cute.  Everybody loves to hear good things about themselves, especially from someone they’re out on a date with.

Be yourself

Now the most important tip of all: be yourself.  Remember, you want this girl/boy to fall in love with you. You'll probably feel very nervous throughout the date, but trust me, the other person probably feels the exact same way. Don’t try to influence your date by acting like you are someone you’re not. Not only that, but you’ll have a much better time if you’re able to relax and just be you. 

Watch out for your body language

Behaviors and etiquette aren’t just a way of letting the world know you know how to conduct yourself. It’s also your way of making your date know that you respect them. Watch out for your eye contact, try not to fidget, stand/sit straight, etc. It is important to remember that body language is not only a mirror image of your confidence but also a projection of your self-esteem.

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about the first date. You just talk and hardly ever do something more than that. The very first date will decide the possible fate of the relationship and the rest of your life!

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