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3 steps to deal with a new relationship

Dealing with a new relationship is easy and possible with these simple steps. It is important to trust each, be honest and keep communicating properly.

Teenage relationships are like tides, be it seeing someone or dating. And fresh feelings of loving and being loved are surely matchless. Perhaps, no relationships are perfect. And beauty of relationship is dealing with all harsh and heartwarming situations with same enthusiasm. Now if you are unaware of what to do to avoid any unintentional problems. Or how to deal with any misunderstandings, here are some quick tips which will surely be inspiring and pearls of advice.

And as Karl Menninger has rightly said,“ Love cures people, both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it”. So don’t lose these loving partner.

Here are 3 tips on how to Deal with a New Relationship:

  1. Know each Other

The easiest way to know someone is by spending time or talking often. This gives you and your partner an opportunity to understand each other. You can share your day to day routines, your hobbies, fears, and even mistakes. In short, it’s the first step of creating a bond. But there are some things which you should keep in mind. Try to understand and accept, rather than making fun. Be honest to each other. It is not necessary that you can relate with your partner’s interests or beliefs. In any such situation also don’t panic or speak against it. Sometimes trying out new things in a new relationship is very effective. Don’t go for how great someone look, it’s more sensible to love the thoughts and perspective of person. 

  1. Communication is Key

Teenagers mostly don’t think much before speaking. But when it comes to maintaining a good relationship, each word counts. You have to speak meticulously. I am not asking you to constraint yourself. I am just reminding you that, you should think twice before you speak. This will help you avoid any misunderstandings. It is all about listening and speaking your heart out. Just be polite enough to never hurt your partner even if you disagree with them. Letting go things is also practicable, unless something is against morals or values.

  1. Take Romance slowly

If you feel like being physically close to your partner or even if you feel like taking more time to come physically close, speak out about it. These all are natural instincts, and there is nothing to feel awkward about it. It is very important to feel comfortable and make your partner feel comfortable in a relationship.

And keep talking and mentioning about your feelings for each other. You can easily understand the status of your relationship. Try to be open to each other when it comes to accepting each other’s choices, opinions, preferences. A new relationship is like a baby, care & love is all what is needed to grow it strong.

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Dating is now ‘trendy’ – Beware!

Being aware of the different Dating trends is important these days as it's crucial to be alert of how people are behaving and what the consequences and intentions might be. There are various new ones out there today.
ArchitaTeentalk Expert

Dating has become a prevalent phenomenon today which now has its own trends. Yes! You heard it right. There are dating trends out there which are basically a pattern of behaviors which are experienced by people who are in the dating pool. These behaviors certainly have an underlying emotional seed and/or past experiences with other people.

As trendy as these dating patterns sound, unfortunately they can also have unfortunate and negative impact on the people involved. Let’s understand what these new dating trends are.

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  1. Bird Boxing – This is a trend when a person is ‘blindfolded’ to how toxic or unhealthy their partner is. This might seem harmless at first but over time it can emerge into something hurtful and aggravating. The blindfolded partner may be trying to be accepting of h/her partner without realizing that they might be enabling their toxic behavior and causing harm to themselves. The fear of losing a connection or loneliness can be the driving force for bird boxing.

  2. Ghosting – This trend has been the most common among the dating population. One of the partners here abruptly discontinues communication in any form without any kind of closure. They may stop responding to messages, calls, emails and not make any effort to resume communication with the other. This could be due to a decrease in interest, the inability to confront the person and end things or other emotional concerns.

  3. Orbiting – After the person has ghosted someone, they still continue to engage with the other on social media. They may not answer your calls but watch all your Instagram stories and likewise.

  4. Curving – This is a new way of rejecting someone without explicitly telling them that you are no longer interested. They may not respond to your text immediately but remember, they may respond a few day later. This can be rooted in the lack of communication or the inability to do so.

  5. Breadcrumbing – This is basically a new way of stringing someone along. For example, they might text you with no intention of engaging or continuing that conversation further. They only want to keep you around because it helps them boost their egos by knowing that you are interested.

  6. Kittenfishing – This is when a person pretends to be someone completely different on a dating app. For example, they my use an older photo as their profile picture. They may share information about themselves which is otherwise not true at all. They may reflect a lack of d=confidence or may want to confirm to social norms or trends.

  7. Zombieing – Unlike ghosting, this is when the person who ghosted you suddenly returns after some time and communicates again. For example, “Hey! Sorry for the lack of communication. Want to hang out sometime?” This could happen if they realized that they still want to be around you or need validation from another person which otherwise was absent.

We may often think that these are mere trends but they may cause severe emotional concerns for those who are deeply attached to their partners and genuinely care. These kind of dating experiences may also lead to trust, intimacy, relationship, academic, issues aside from other major concerns like unhealthy behaviors such as stalking, use of substances, abstaining from social interactions, anxious thoughts, obsessive thoughts and feelings, low self-esteem, and likewise.

Being cautious of these trends while getting out these is important in order to protect yourself from getting hurt or misled. Additionally, if you are someone who may want to do one of these to another person due to personal or emotional reasons, remember to take a step back, put yourself in their shoes and then make a sound decision. We’re all human being and deserve to be treated with respect and compassion.


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