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Sararah the hot new app: Cyber bullying or honesty?

The newest app sensation is here...

After the Pokémon game, the newest teen sensation from the app world is Sararah. An anonymous app built on the premise of ‘honesty’, Sararah allows people to send anonymous messages / opinions to people.

Available on both iOS and Android the app has already been installed by millions of users. This blue background with anonymous messages pasted on it is the newest trend that has been flooding our news feeds since last week.

The intent of the app according to its Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq is to promote honest and frank expression. While the app aims at being a tool of honest expression and is at the face of it a simple messaging app, its anonymity feature is being misused by some as a tool by trolls and for cyber-bullying! There have been reports (in the leading dailies) of users being subjected to not only rude and distasteful comments but also death threats. Considering the user base of the app is largely teens, the app has become a cause of concern for many parents.

These incidences have led several people to doubt the credibility of the app and to label it as a cyber-bullying platform. 

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