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Succeed in life with your Emotional Quotient

Emotional intelligence/quotient (EQ) is one of the strongest indicators of success in life

EQ is not only the ability to identify and manage your own emotions, but also the ability to recognize the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence can evolve over time, as long as you have the desire to increase it. It also involves your perception of others: when you understand how they feel, this allows you to manage relationships more effectively. Every person, challenge, or situation faced is a prime learning opportunity to test your EQ. It takes practice, but you can start reaping the benefits immediately.

How to push up your EQ:

Control your negative emotions: When you’re able to manage and reduce your negative emotions, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed. If someone is upsetting you, don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, allow yourself to look at the situation in a variety of ways. Try to look at things objectively so you don’t get riled up as easily. 

Be mindful of your vocabulary: Emotionally intelligent people tend to use more specific words that can help communicate deficiencies, and then they immediately work to address them.

Know your stressors: Take note of what stresses you out, and be proactive to have less of it in your life. If you know that checking your work email before bed will send you into a tailspin, leave it for the morning. 

Bounce back from adversity: Everyone encounters challenges. It’s how you react to these challenges that either sets you up for success or puts you on the meltdown mode. You already know that positive thinking will take you places.

Be Empathetic: Practice focusing on others and walking in their shoes, even if just for a moment. Empathetic statements do not excuse unacceptable behaviour, but they help remind you that everyone has their own issues.

Take criticism constructively: Instead of getting offended or defensive, high EQ people take a few moments to understand where the critique is coming from, how it is affecting others or their own performance and how they can constructively resolve any issues.

Today, Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is considered to be even more important than IQ (intelligence quotient). We are emotional creatures who often make decisions and respond to stimuli based on our emotions. As a result, our ability to grow in EQ has an enormous impact in all of our relationships, how we make decisions, and identify opportunities. EQ is enormously important. 

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Meet the Superwoman!

Being a woman is an amazing and demanding thing. If you have any doubts about this, then look around and notice the women around you. From your mother, sister to your boss or even maid, all of them have a unique set of hardships which they had or are dealing with right now in their own way
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Women experience so much yet they do it with ease. A woman can handle it all because she is a woman. Merely being a woman is the closest thing to a superpower one can have. It comes with all sorts of special features that are so close to being a superhuman. Here are a few:

They never brag

A real superhero knows what she is capable of, but doesn’t feel the need to brag about it. They are strong, independent and fabulous. Women are the ones holding the cards.

They can keep perfect balance, even while walking in heels

Women are able to be career women, wives and mothers. They know how to perfectly balance every aspect of their lives. They kill it in boardrooms and at home.

They can read minds

Women can know what those closest to them are thinking without ever speaking a word. Watch your mother’s face as you enter the house, she’ll guess in a second whether you are hungry, angry or happy.

They have an amazing ability to heal

Women are naturally compassionate, they are givers and healers. their kindness and warmth are not weaknesses but their true strengths. A woman can mend a broken heart with her tender love and care.

Women are immune to societal tropes

Women are constantly told to be “feminine”, “girly”, or that they are not pretty enough without makeup and shouldn’t try to be the boss. Despite all of this negativity, they soldier on. All this societal melodrama doesn’t get in the way of what women want.

They have the power to create human life, literally

Women are the vessels for actual life and are responsible for human existence. They are capable of INCREDIBLE, MIND-BLOWING things. If that’s not a superpower, what the heck is?

Being a woman is hard, it requires much effort and energy and pays alomost nothing in return. If you are blessed with few woman around you consider yourself lucky and know that they deserve utmost respect from you.

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