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So what if you visited a counselor?

When it comes to visiting a counselor, we feel only people with some mental illness needs a counselor. Or if someone has seen a counselor that means he/she has some mental issues.

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to counselling or counselor. Like only ‘crazy’ people go to a counselor or psychologists themselves are ‘strange’, ‘weird’ people. However, all this may not be true. So here we are with some myth busters about counselling.

Only crazy people need counselling

Many mentally stable, bright and skilled people also take counselling. Not because they are crazy but they know they have a specific problem area in life and they want to deal with it. They might be stresses or dealing with a difficult situation in life, which happens to all of us.

Counselor is not family or friend

People often think that how can a counselor, who hardly know them, help them? The truth is that’s exactly what you need. Your friends and family tell you what you should do or not do but a counselor helps you analyze the situation and encourage to find the suitable answer for you.

What will people say?

A major setback of our mindset is the question ‘what will people say?’ As the common misconception is that counselling is for mentally ill people, we assume that if we see a counselor, people would start thinking of us as crazy. Contrarily, if such people were to see a counselor, they’d never be able to do so due to lack of courage.

‘Men’ aren’t emotional hence don’t need a counselor

We tend to think that men or grown up boys are more emotionally strong and therefore don’t need a counselor. This belief also gives space to the thought that men can handle their own problems themselves, they don’t need anyone else to do this. Men are as equally in need of counselling as women. Think of all the responsibilities and duties men have over them, do you think they don’t get stressed out at all? Well, think about it twice.

Also, you should know that all counselors maintain your information as confidential. And no they don’t hypnotise you at all, so next time you feel you or anyone you know needs certain help, feel free to contact a good counselor.


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Charm everyone around you

You might have noticed how there are certain people, whom everybody seems to like. They just walk into the room and instantly become the center of attraction. Not everyone is blessed to have such a charisma, but it is not something that cannot be developed.
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Being charming means to have a magnetic and attractive personality. It has nothing to do with looks or beauty. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to be that Mister/Miss charming.

Be gentle

Learn to be courteous. Politeness and good manners are attractive to everyone. Think about it, does anyone who is rude and grumpy all the time liked my many? No. Hence, it is crucial to be polite and gentle with people around you and with whom you deal with everyday. This way they will appreciate your presence and reciprocate the same.

Be genuinely happy to meet

Charming people always show they are genuinely glad to meet the other person. When you feel someone "gets" you, respects your opinion, your point of view, your experience and whatever you're communicating, then you naturally feel more important. Ofcourse you don’t have to agree with everything the other person says, you just have to show that you respect them.

Wittiness goes a long way

Charming people have the ability to make people laugh. To develop this quality in you, firstly learn to have the open-mindedness to laugh at yourself. Charming people eradicate the gloom and doom in everyone’s life, therefore they are liked by almost everyone around them. Also, charming people willingly admit their mistakes. They don't mind serving as a cautionary tale. And they're also not afraid to look a little silly.

Look good feel good

Your physical appearance also plays a vital role in making you look charming. Though not most important, yet it is a cherry on top. Try to look at your best at most time. Also, keep a check on your posture. A good posture shows that you are confident and self-aware. Maintain a good posture while walking, sitting and talking to your friends.

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