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Self-Esteem Begins with Self-Compassion

Teens are often found to be battling self worth and retaining self-confidence. This however begins with turning the power of self-compassion inwards and reminding oneself of the strengths which allow you to be YOU.

Teens these days are going through a lot of anxiety, self-doubt, comparison, competitiveness, perfectionism, and so many other things which cause them stress and worst of all, low self-esteem and confidence. However, these are things which can be worked through with the right tools and tricks. It is important to understand that what we say to ourselves matters significantly. What others tell us and what we experience matter secondarily.

Here are some ways which help you build your confidence and remind you of who you truly are.

  1. Sentence completion – Try to write at least five sentences down each day with the following prompts. “My loved ones admire me because…”, “My best quality is…”, “I feel empowered when…”, “I gain strength from…”, “I am proud of myself for…”

  2. Gratitude Exercise – Each day try to journal the following sentences. “Today I am grateful for…”, “I am grateful for ….. people.”, “I am grateful for… experiences.”

  3. Wins List – Make a list of all the small and big successes and achievements you’ve managed to accomplish so far. Add what you envision to accomplish in the near and distant future.

  4. Two Minutes – Each day, take only two minutes during the day to just sit back and appreciate yourself for all that you’ve done. Only two minutes.

  5. Inner Critic – When you r inner critic is driving you to the ground, take a minute and ask it to ‘STOP’ and take a break.

  6. Affirmations – These are simple, short and positive statements which are about yourself and remain in the present tense. They can start with, “I am…” and continue to include at least one feeling word and reflect a behaviour. For example, “I am feeling positive today”. Try to say five such affirmations each day in the morning to remind yourself of how competent, creative, powerful and smart you are.

  7. Visualization – Imagine yourself at your very best. What would that person look and feel like. Try to make a list of these feelings and thoughts in a diary and keep reminding yourself that you are capable of feeling and becoming the best version of yourself. Imagine, create, feel, succeed!

Self confidence and self esteem are components which can be driven internally. The more positive and appreciative you are of yourself, the better you feel. Others may also give you a chance to feel good about yourself, however, turning this feeling inwards is what makes it more powerful.

Enable yourself to create a world where you are important to yourself. Self confidence is also about self-compassion and kindness. Treat yourself like you would treat a dear friend and watch how you flourish in the world.


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6 effective tips to sleep better

As the saying goes, 'early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise'.
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Sleeping well at night is a must in order to lead a healthy life no matter which age you’re in. However, the importance of sleep is crucial among all in teenagers as it is the peak time of growth and development both physically and mentally. The irony is as important sleep is in teenagers, it is becoming something that’s missing in the life of teenagers today. One can blame the advent of the internet and gadgets, but the vitality of sleep cannot be denied whatsoever.

In general, adolescents need approximately 9 hours of sleep daily, as suggested by researchers. The effect of sleep deprivation is profound among teenagers on their health and academic performances. Recent researches have also found that teenagers who don’t get sufficient sleep often suffer with various physical and mental issues and their academic potential also decreases.

So after knowing all this, it is pretty much sure that you do want to get a good night sleep, but as usual, there are many obstacles to it. Worry no more! We are here with some useful tips to sleep better at night:

1. Make your bedroom a quiet place

Turn off your laptop/computer/tablet before going to bed. Also, try to avoid using any sort of headphones and music electronics. Contrary to belief, music doesn’t help you fall asleep. If your house/hostel/PG is loud at night, use earplugs.

2. Take a warm shower

Take a warm shower before going to bed and adjust your room’s temperature to 20 degrees. Studies have shown that when your body cools down, it becomes easier to fall asleep. It is common to wake up when the room gets hotter.

3. Blackout your windows at night

Keep the door of your room shut when going to bed. Turn your clock to face the wall so that you don’t make it a habit to check the time when you’re in bed. You can also consider purchasing a comfortable sleep mask that prevents light entry.

4. Bring in light when you wake up

Open the shades or turn on the lights when you wake up. Early light of the day helps in resetting the brain to push your bedtime to an earlier hour.

5. ‘Chill out’ before going to bed

If you frequently stress out, which is common in teenage, do some yoga or meditation to ease your racing thoughts. Going to bed while being worried decreases the quality of sleep. If you face problems relaxing then get a check-up done.

6. Have high-carb snacks

Many dieticians recommend that eating high-carb snacks before going to bed helps in falling asleep faster, as thee snacks make you warm and sleepy. There are plenty of options of high-carb snacks like cereal, fresh fruits, dry fruits, vanilla wafers, popcorn, or toast with jam.

Apart from these, aromatherapy is also believed to boost sleep. Orange blossom, marjoram, chamomile, and lavender scents are some soothing fragrances for bedtime. For more tips, you can also check this https://olympiadimages.dbcorp.in/video/explore/general?v_id=60021

Have a good night!

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