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Learn mobile phone manners

Everyone these days has a mobile phone. And almost everyone has their complaints about it too, especially with manners related to it. Whether it’s about talking too loudly on phone, using mobile while driving or not paying attention to someone talking to them and busy texting, as much ringtones we hear, we hear complaints too.

When it comes to cellphone etiquettes there is clearly a lack on of understanding. Therefore, it becomes important that we learn and practice these etiquettes.

10 foot rule

Try to take our calls in a private space. When you are in the middle of people and your phone rings, go at least ten feet away from the people then talk. Try not to attend calls where you cannot escape the place, like in an elevator, unless it is urgent. Likewise, if someone else is talking on phone in front of you, don’t scream or yell at anyone. Give them their private space.

Switch off/silent

There is a reason why features like vibration, silent and switch off are there on mobile phones. You should know when to put your mobile on vibration or silent, like class, lectures, movie halls etc. And when to switch it off, like when you are trying to fall asleep or taking a break.

Keep it hidden

Whether you are attending an important lecture, on a date, or in a casual setting with friends and family, keep your phone out of sight. Placing your phone on the table or desk sends the clear message that they are not your number-one priority.

Ask permission

If accepting an emergency call, excuse yourself as quietly and calmly as possible from the gathering with an apology. For example, “I apologize, however this is urgent, please excuse me. I will return in a moment.”

Avoid profanity

With cell phones, spontaneity can be contagious. Remember, once a text, tweet or post is sent, it’s live. Sure, you can delete it, but it’s out there on the Internet, just waiting to bite you back!

Safety first

Never ever text or talk while driving. No matter how important it is, it certainly might not be as vital as your life. If you really need to respond to the call or message, pull over slowly, attend the call and also inform the other person that you were driving. Do not talk for a long time there.

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Charm everyone around you

You might have noticed how there are certain people, whom everybody seems to like. They just walk into the room and instantly become the center of attraction. Not everyone is blessed to have such a charisma, but it is not something that cannot be developed.
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Being charming means to have a magnetic and attractive personality. It has nothing to do with looks or beauty. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to be that Mister/Miss charming.

Be gentle

Learn to be courteous. Politeness and good manners are attractive to everyone. Think about it, does anyone who is rude and grumpy all the time liked my many? No. Hence, it is crucial to be polite and gentle with people around you and with whom you deal with everyday. This way they will appreciate your presence and reciprocate the same.

Be genuinely happy to meet

Charming people always show they are genuinely glad to meet the other person. When you feel someone "gets" you, respects your opinion, your point of view, your experience and whatever you're communicating, then you naturally feel more important. Ofcourse you don’t have to agree with everything the other person says, you just have to show that you respect them.

Wittiness goes a long way

Charming people have the ability to make people laugh. To develop this quality in you, firstly learn to have the open-mindedness to laugh at yourself. Charming people eradicate the gloom and doom in everyone’s life, therefore they are liked by almost everyone around them. Also, charming people willingly admit their mistakes. They don't mind serving as a cautionary tale. And they're also not afraid to look a little silly.

Look good feel good

Your physical appearance also plays a vital role in making you look charming. Though not most important, yet it is a cherry on top. Try to look at your best at most time. Also, keep a check on your posture. A good posture shows that you are confident and self-aware. Maintain a good posture while walking, sitting and talking to your friends.

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