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Know benefits of First Aid Skills for Teenagers

For Teenagers too it is very beneficial for you to learn First Aid Skills and as a result know life saving skills. We are discussing some more plus points of First Aid.

Each Year on every second Saturday of September is celebrated as World First Aid Day. This year, it’s falling on 14 September. And it’s the theme is ‘First aid and excluded people.’It was introduced by the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in 2000. First Aid is crucial as everyone must know at least basic life saving skills. In any crisis if person is aware about first aid skills, at least primary goal of saving life could be fulfilled and further worsening of situation can be avoided. All this can be done through promoting accessibility and spreading awareness.

It is a good habit to keep a First Aid Kit at home & also carry one while travelling.

For Teenagers too it is very beneficial for you to learn First Aid Skills and as a result know life saving skills. Here are some more plus points of First Aid.

1 You can add it to your resume in future

Everyone faces this trouble of adding skills while making resume when looking for an internship or job. Here is a chance to get prepared with First aid skill that just needs a simple training. And then you can add it to your curriculum vitae forever.

2 Can be used for Duke of Edinburgh Award

In 1956 Prince Philip introduced Youth award Program in 1956 in UK which was introduced in India in 1962. Although, despite the long history in India only about 19,000 youth participate annually. You can try for this as in India also the award is granted in three levels- gold, silver and bronze.

3 Makes you risk aware

Knowing basic first aid procedures can help you save a life in time of trouble. At home itself sometimes there is possibility of small accidents taking place such as cuts, choking, asthma attacks. In any such situation you can take control and lead.

4 Makes you more confident

Think about a situation, you feel scared of facing? Now if you are already prepared to face it with proper skill set. You will definitely feel confident in encountering any crisis. And now you will not find reasons to escape, rather would be involved, aware and active in all situations.

5 Builds up leadership skills

In any adverse situation, you must not sit crossing fingers. And this is possible only when you know how to deal with crisis and are aware about first aid skills. It is indeed that doctors and professionals will be present but initially you can take control. 

In short first aid help is crucial for everyone, and to know about it is really important. But significant training and knowledge about the same is also essential. And don’t forget keeping your first aid kit always with you at home or while travelling.

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Life skills every hosteler should learn

Life of a student is never easy, and if you are living in a hostel, things become even difficult for you
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

It is alarming how many students leave their homes without having proper knowledge of their day-to-day activities, as they have always had someone to look after them when they were at home. However, its never too late to learn something new. So if you are also planning to move to a hostel then here are a few life skills that you should learn.

Personal care and basic home skills

• Using basic kitchen appliances

• Washing clothes and learning how to take care of different fabrics like whites, types of denim, woolens, etc.

• Determine which clothes to take to the dry cleaners

• Make a bed as soon as you wake up

• Fold and arrange laundry

• How to properly clean kitchen platforms, tabletops, toilet, shower, bathroom floor, etc.

• Set an alarm and wake yourself up on time

• Get rid of bugs and spiders

Management & Organization Skills

• Creating and maintaining a budget

• Organizing all passwords, accounts and important documents in a safe place

• Learning how and when to pay bills

• Time management

• Basic calculation and how to split bills amongst friends

• Write a check

• Learn to pack smarter

Student-Specific Skills

• Shop smarter for books

• Keep track of your grades

• Keep track of assignments due

• Sign up/register for classes

• Maintain healthy study habits

• Contact professors for help

• Navigate to classes

• Discuss living guidelines with your roommate

• Locate the student section of your university’s web site

• Taking clear, readable notes

• Public speaking

• Seek out extracurricular activities you enjoy

• Create a schedule that works for you

• Maintain a healthy balance between your academic and social lives

• Writing a resume and cover letter

• Professionally formatting your emails

Transportation skills

• Understand Google navigation

• Change a tire

• Booking a cab using an app

• Utilize and navigate public transit

If you have any other skills that you would like to add to the list, comment below and share with the world!

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