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Inspiring stories of 4 sportswomen for Teenagers

4 Indian Sports women from whom every teenager can learn some or other things

In olden times women were highly respected, in fact they were treated as goddess Laxmi. I can recollect a famous saying by Margaret Thatcher who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for 11 years, “Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.” But, unfortunately with passing time drastic changes are observable. There is an increase in violence and crimes against women. On every 11th of October International Day of girl Child is observed. In today’s modern era too, we all are bound to observe such days to eliminate gender abnormalities, and spread awareness. In order to keep a track of situation, the coming generations mainly teenagers must be taught to respect individuals be it men or women equally.

So here are the stories of 4 Indian Sports women from whom every teenager can learn some or other things:

Deepa Malik

She is undoubtedly an epitome of strong will power. What teenagers can learn from her is always stay brave and believe in oneself. She is paraplegic (chest below paralyzed), and strong enough to cut down all social norms. Deepa is the 1st Indian Woman ever to win a medal at a Paralympic Games. And  with lifetime personal best performance of 4.61 metres she has won a Silver Medal in Shot put F53 category. She was honoured by Arjuna Award, and she has also been conferred by prestigious Padma Shri award. Till date Dipa has won 58 national & 23 International medals across all disciplines.

Dipa Karmakar

One should always look at the positive side, this is a famous saying. Dipa Karmakar is an Indian artistic gymnast who literally followed this. Dipa started practicing gymnastics when she was only 6 years old. She had flat feet which affects performance and is an undesirable physical trait in a gymnast. Amazing fact is through constant practice and training, she was able to develop an arch in her foot. Dipa became the 1st Indian woman to win a gymnastics medal in 2014 Commonwealth Games. In the vault event of FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup, she became the first Indian gymnast to win a gold medal at a global event.Dipa has also received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, Padma Shri, which is the fourth highest Indian national honour and so many more such awards. Teenagers, never lose hope and remember like Dipa, always believe in yourself and focus on your strengths.

Mary Kom

MC Mary Kom is a sporting legend and what teenagers can learn from her is patience & perseverance. Most of us might not even dream what she has achieved. Kom faced so many struggles since childhood and as a teenager too. But she never quit and juggled all her duties. And today after facing all obstacles strongly she is the most successful boxer in the history of the World Championship among both men and women. And she is able to set amazingly new standard in amateur boxing. She has also received various awards like Padma Bhushan (Sports), Arjuna Award (Boxing) & Padma Shri (Sports) and many more. Indeed she is Magnificent Mary.

P. V. Sindhu

The queen of badminton is another daughter of India who is surely a motivation to teenagers. And what a teenager can learn from her is how she manages to spread positivity, and stay calm. As she herself started playing badminton at the age of 8 years only. She won the doubles titles at the Sub-Junior Nationals in the under-13 category, she won the gold medal in under-14 category. Another achievement is at the age of 17, she won the Asian Junior Championship. She has recently become the first Indian to win a gold at the Badminton World Championship. Sindhu has constantly proved her mettle as an ace badminton player at every stage. 

So to subtly end it all, I am adding an inarguable quote from Diane Mariechild, “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” So to all the teenage girls out there never underestimate yourself and power within you.

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What to Expect and Not to Expect in Counseling

Allow yourself to seek help. Counseling is not a destination. It is a process which will give you the space to discover yourself and grow as an individual.
ArchitaTeentalk Expert

What we all understand by counseling is very different depending on what we see, hear, learn and comprehend. Our culture and society tends to stigmatize the concept of talking to someone for ‘mental health’ as counseling may be considered only for ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’ people. Let me help you understand that just like we may have physical concerns in our bodies, our brain and mind also may experience distress. Doctors can take care of your physical well-being however, someone needs to tend to our psychological well-being as well.

Counseling may be frowned upon but once you make an informed decision of seeking it, you’ll realize how important and nurturing it can be. There are things we can expect and not expect from counseling and counsellors.

Things to expect in counseling -

  1. Empathy – Your counsellor will be able to offer you an empathetic perspective and allow you to feel that you are never alone in what you feel. Everything you feel is valid in counseling

  2. Safe and non-judgmental space – Speak your mind! Counselors will aim to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with no inhibitions. Please be honest with them so that they can help you to their best capacities

  3. Confidential – They are not going to tell anybody about what you tell them. What you say in counseling stays in counseling. So go on, tell them how you really feel about your new school

  4. Support and Strategies – Sometimes we need support from someone outside of our friends and family members. Counselors will offer you their support and understanding in the darkest of times. Alongside support, they will also share ways of coping with distress.

  5. Time and a Listening Ear – Counseling may normally go on for an hour. Remember, this hour is fully yours with no interruptions. They are there to listen to you without wondering when you would be done talking. They’ll listen to you because they want to and they know you need to be heard.

  6. Some Discomfort – As you begin to share your deepest fears and insecurities, things might become uncomfortable sometimes. But that’s okay! This means that you have taken the first step towards healing and you are willing to work on change. Fortunately, you won’t be alone in this discomfort.

  7. Feedback – Counselors will provide their perspective on things you share. They are different people from you and look at things differently too. S hear them out! They may have something meaningful to offer.

Things to NOT expect in counseling –

  1. Advice – Counselors are not going to provide you with any kind of advice. They can’t tell you what to do or not to do. They can certainly listen to you and help you find your own way through a tunnel. So, if you ask them “what should I do?”, you may not get  an answer.

  2. False Hopes – A counsellor will be there to support you through rough times but will not make promises of taking all your pain away. They will assist you in coping with the pain. Hope is what you’ll find when you begin to talk and identify progress during sessions

  3. Social media association – Counselors are not your friends. They are professionals who are hoping and willing to help you with your concerns. So, if you try to befriend them on social media, they may not accept it. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you. It just means that they are drawing professional boundaries which limit their association with you to therapy.

  4. Confidentiality when risk is involved – Counselors are bound by confidentiality to the extent where no risk is involved. This means that if you or anybody else is in danger, they will need to break their silence and inform someone trusted. However, they will keep you involved in this process. You’re still safe!

  5. Agreement – Counselors may not always agree with what you are saying. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care or are trying to challenge you out of spite. It means that they are looking out for you and trying to help you look at things from a different and healthier perspective.           

Now you know what to look for in counseling and what not to expect. If you are experiencing distress or even the slightest of discomfort, don’t hesitate to seek help. Counselors are equipped to help you and travel with you in the journey of healing. They’ll assist you in creating your own support toolbox and find your comfort point. Going to a counsellor is not a crazy thing to do. It just means that you need to be heard and/or change something that isn’t working for you now.

Visit a counsellor, thank us later!

PS – If you wish to speak with someone, please chat with our counselors from Monday through Saturday between 11am and 8pm or leave us an offline message.

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