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Good listeners are good communicators

Good communication skills are necessary for everyone at every phase in life be it personal or professional. And mastering to have good communication skills is a result of practice.

Everyone wants to become a good orator and why not, effective communicators are usually successful in life. And it is something unavoidable in any and everyone’s life. Be it that you are a student, or office goer conveying what you think is really essential. Also in your personal life if you are a good communicator then you can easily maintain strong interpersonal relations.

Also communication skills are needed to convey information and eliminate the source of confusion. As in the case of written words, there is a lack of emotions and expressions. And one can really not understand what the person is feeling or thinking. To become a good communicator it is necessary to keep few points in mind.
A good listener is usually a good communicator, as the person is good with facts. Listening smartly can make you gather a lot of information, store them and use them later. Along with being a good listener, if you are an effective presenter and a quick thinker, it is a superb ad on. So try to listen carefully.
Only words do not communicate what you feel or want to express. Eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, postures and body orientation, proximity, paralinguistic, humor are also considered as ways of non verbal communication. So be careful about all these attributes also, whenever you are meeting someone or trying to communicate.

The key to improving your communication skills is listening, reading and practicing as much as you can. This will not only build confidence in you to narrate well whatever you want to, but also constantly be a motivation to learn. 
If you are interested in writing, you can definitely use your writing skills also to practice what you have heard or read. Apart from all this if you find similar language speaking people and keep practicing. Do not hesitate, you are in the learning phase. Reading aloud is also very effective in improving communication skills. By reading loudly you can improve your pronunciation and vocabulary at a time

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Hormones – Inner Workings of our Bodies

Hormones are an important part of our bodies which determine how we feel and behave in different situations. These can be increased or decreased with the help of activities. Let's find our what these hormones are what they do.
ArchitaTeentalk Expert

Hormones are chemicals which basically help the body to grow and develop effectively. These are released from the endocrine system present in the body. Each hormone has a function to serve. These also have the function of affecting a person’s mood, behavior, emotions and likewise.

Here are some hormones which affect our mood and emotions.

  1. Dopamine – This hormone is released in the hypothalamus region of the brain. It is associated with focus, attention, memory, alertness, drive, muscle control, happiness and vigilance. Low amount of dopamine may cause depression, impulsivity, mood swings, cravings, loss of satisfaction and interest in activities and likewise.

  2. Serotonin – this is considered to be the happiness hormone. Serotonin regulates aggression, thinking, mood, and memory. A balance of serotonin can result in relaxation and uplifted mood. Lack of serotonin can cause low mood, lack of willingness, poor appetite, anxiety, depression and likewise.

  3. Oxytocin – This hormone works to enable social behavior, sexual reproduction, it ignites feelings of contentment, calmness, security and reduces anxiety. It also protects against stress and danger. It is largely associated with the feelings of lve, empathy and attraction.

  4. Endorphins – These are released as a response to stress, fear and pain. They relieve pain and cause pleasure.

  5. Adrenaline – This hormone is released in a stressful situation when it increases heart rate, helps respond quickly and increases energy in the body.

The four main hormones which are necessary for physical and psychological well-being are dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. There are some ways of increasing the release of these in your body. For example, exercising for 30 minutes, and laughing everyday can increase enough endorphins. Dopamine is normally released when we are acknowledged for our accomplishments at work or at home which makes us happy. Serotonin releases when we do things for others like sharing information, helping them, being kind, listening to someone vent and likewise. Finally, oxytocin can be released when we make any kind of close contact with other humans. For example, shaking their hand, hugging them, their arm around our shoulders and likewise.

Hormones are an integral part of our body and inner workings. They take care of so many different things we feel and experience in terms of emotions, mood, behaviour and so on. Being aware of changes in any of these can be helpful to either increase or decrease their amount being released through activities.

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