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How to eliminate your weaknesses ?

Success comes to those who know how to turn their weakness into strength.

Christopher Reeve very correctly said, A hero is one who in spite of weakness doubt or not knowing the answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway. As Success comes to those who know how to turn their weakness into strength. And it is not difficult, rather it just seeks some attention towards yourself. No one is perfect, it is very normal to be good at some things, average at some and just ok at some! And getting frustrated doesn’t profits you, so it’s better that you sensibly and smartly deal with it.

Here are a few tips on how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Observe and Accept your weaknesses

It is impossible to turn your weaknesses into strength if you go on denying over your weaknesses. So the very first stand must be from your end to accept your weakness. Say sometimes we avoid confrontation, just to resist from any ugly aftermath. But in this we keep grudges and create misunderstandings too. Here confronting and having a discussion must be opted.

Discuss and get guided by Someone trustworthy

So simplify the process, share your weakness with elders, friend or anyone you trust. In this way you can easily no. 1 understand and get a perspective if you really have any weakness n no. 2 how to deal with it. You must surely be wise in choosing the person with whom you are discussing your weakness. As only then you will get some must adopt suggestion to it and not get disheartened.

Seek for perfection and keep backup

I am sure like everyone, you must be having some true strengths in you. It is always a smart move to 

focus on your positives and work upon it. As turning weaknesses into strengths is tough, so adopt turning strengths to perfection. Also in case you are aware of your weaknesses, be prepared to face the situation.

Learn from Other’s

If you observe any traits of what you feel is your weakness in someone else. Your job is sorted, just go on learning from them. You can easily realize what to do and what not to do

If you have already dealt with anything of this kind before. Do feel free to write to us, and share and discuss about it.

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Good listeners are good communicators

Good communication skills are necessary for everyone at every phase in life be it personal or professional. And mastering to have good communication skills is a result of practice.
Richa DubeyTeentalkindia Content Writer

Everyone wants to become a good orator and why not, effective communicators are usually successful in life. And it is something unavoidable in any and everyone’s life. Be it that you are a student, or office goer conveying what you think is really essential. Also in your personal life if you are a good communicator then you can easily maintain strong interpersonal relations.

Also communication skills are needed to convey information and eliminate the source of confusion. As in the case of written words, there is a lack of emotions and expressions. And one can really not understand what the person is feeling or thinking. To become a good communicator it is necessary to keep few points in mind.
A good listener is usually a good communicator, as the person is good with facts. Listening smartly can make you gather a lot of information, store them and use them later. Along with being a good listener, if you are an effective presenter and a quick thinker, it is a superb ad on. So try to listen carefully.
Only words do not communicate what you feel or want to express. Eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, postures and body orientation, proximity, paralinguistic, humor are also considered as ways of non verbal communication. So be careful about all these attributes also, whenever you are meeting someone or trying to communicate.

The key to improving your communication skills is listening, reading and practicing as much as you can. This will not only build confidence in you to narrate well whatever you want to, but also constantly be a motivation to learn. 
If you are interested in writing, you can definitely use your writing skills also to practice what you have heard or read. Apart from all this if you find similar language speaking people and keep practicing. Do not hesitate, you are in the learning phase. Reading aloud is also very effective in improving communication skills. By reading loudly you can improve your pronunciation and vocabulary at a time

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