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Hormones – Inner Workings of our Bodies

Hormones are an important part of our bodies which determine how we feel and behave in different situations. These can be increased or decreased with the help of activities. Let's find our what these hormones are what they do.

Hormones are chemicals which basically help the body to grow and develop effectively. These are released from the endocrine system present in the body. Each hormone has a function to serve. These also have the function of affecting a person’s mood, behavior, emotions and likewise.

Here are some hormones which affect our mood and emotions.

  1. Dopamine – This hormone is released in the hypothalamus region of the brain. It is associated with focus, attention, memory, alertness, drive, muscle control, happiness and vigilance. Low amount of dopamine may cause depression, impulsivity, mood swings, cravings, loss of satisfaction and interest in activities and likewise.

  2. Serotonin – this is considered to be the happiness hormone. Serotonin regulates aggression, thinking, mood, and memory. A balance of serotonin can result in relaxation and uplifted mood. Lack of serotonin can cause low mood, lack of willingness, poor appetite, anxiety, depression and likewise.

  3. Oxytocin – This hormone works to enable social behavior, sexual reproduction, it ignites feelings of contentment, calmness, security and reduces anxiety. It also protects against stress and danger. It is largely associated with the feelings of lve, empathy and attraction.

  4. Endorphins – These are released as a response to stress, fear and pain. They relieve pain and cause pleasure.

  5. Adrenaline – This hormone is released in a stressful situation when it increases heart rate, helps respond quickly and increases energy in the body.

The four main hormones which are necessary for physical and psychological well-being are dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. There are some ways of increasing the release of these in your body. For example, exercising for 30 minutes, and laughing everyday can increase enough endorphins. Dopamine is normally released when we are acknowledged for our accomplishments at work or at home which makes us happy. Serotonin releases when we do things for others like sharing information, helping them, being kind, listening to someone vent and likewise. Finally, oxytocin can be released when we make any kind of close contact with other humans. For example, shaking their hand, hugging them, their arm around our shoulders and likewise.

Hormones are an integral part of our body and inner workings. They take care of so many different things we feel and experience in terms of emotions, mood, behaviour and so on. Being aware of changes in any of these can be helpful to either increase or decrease their amount being released through activities.

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Minimizing stress during a Move

Moving in or moving out, both are stressful. Whether you are moving from one apartment to other, or shifting from a city altogether, you are sure to feel stressed out and anxious.
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Students who live in a hostel or as a paying guest know what significance a place has in our lives. The place where we live becomes a part of our lives and we tend to find comfort there. But when it comes to moving or shifting, there is certainly a lot that goes on. The packing, unpacking, disturbance and the inner feelings of nostalgia all come together and we start to feel all the more stressed out.

The reality is we can make moving into an exciting and learning experience. It merely requires few efforts from our side, few of them are listed here:

The Right Attitude

If moving is NOT your decision, then it is more obvious that you would feel anxious and sad. However, try to look at it from a different perspective. You HAVE to move, whether you like it or you don’t, so why not do it with a happy face. Think of all the new people you would meet at the new place, the new eateries, new resources and new experiences. You might create a better life there hopefully.

Explore the new area

Moving at a place about which you don’t know much can be scary. To avoid this, visit the place you are moving to prior to your move. Look for local restaurants, banks, ATMs, pharmacists, salons, etc and you wouldn’t be entirely new to the place when you move.

Planning is the key

Most people lose their nerves at the time of packing. To avoid that here are a few tips

  • Start collecting boxes prior to your move, or always have some empty ones with you
  • Declutter your stuff. Clutter not only makes your surroundings negative but it becomes a mess to pack unwanted things. Get rid of stuff that you don’t need or use anymore. Donate or recycle.
  • Keep similar things in separate boxes. Like chargers and cables in one box, toiletries, scarves, books, fragile items in separate boxes.
  • Before moving, visit the place you are moving to and decide what should be kept where in advance.

Packers and Movers

Consider hiring a packer and mover if you are shifting from one city to another. They pack your things safely and transfer them safely too. However, if you are shifting within a city, you can always ask for help from your friends.

Seek emotional support

Feeling overwhelmed before, while or after moving is natural. So do not feel sad all the time and seek help from your family and friends. After all, they are meant to be a part of your every life transition. Do not alienate yourself completely.

Set up a routine

After you have moved and unpacked, try to establish a routine. Your old routine might not suit at the new place, so try to make the most of your time.

Remember the only constant in life is change. We all move at some point in time or other, so it is better to accept the change is welcome transitions of life. What you consider an end is a new beginning.

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