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5 Tips to control your tongue

It’s natural to use bad language or words sometimes. But if you are determined about cleaning up your language, it can be done

Using bad words can reflect poorly about your image. In many circles, such people are seen as uncultured, uneducated, immature, or worse. So there are many reasons to get your language under control. Some of the words we use to express ourselves come out due to habit formation. Some expressions are Memes and you may be unaware that you are imitating someone else's words.

Our Teentalkindia expert shares tips to control using bad language.

  • Take a few moments to think why you want to quit, and how getting your language under control may improve your relationships and public image. Figure out your triggers and bad habits.
  • Brainstorm about other options to your cussing. Figure out other, healthier ways to express your feelings. Develop a "can do" attitude. Worry only to the point that encourages you to prepare for the problem and then hope for the best. 
  • Begin by changing your ways, but start small. Picking a small manageable task is the best way to form a novel habit. Pick one place, one situation to improve in. For example, you may choose to start by no longer cussing while driving, or in front of your friends. When you do catch a cussing in this situation, feel sorry and rephrase the sentence without any bad words.
  • It will take time but slowly you will come out of the cussing habit. It may take years before not cussing becomes your new habit. Self-improvement is always challenging but undeniably worth the effort. Some substitute words can be just as offensive if your tone is abusive or you insult someone. Think of the response to what you are about to say, and decide if you need to reframe your statement to be more effective.
  • Staying away at a distance from people who frequently use foul language is one of the preferred ways in which you can avoid using bad words. Do not let people who speak this lingo mould your way of talking.

Your language might offend some people, but the tone and attitude behind your words do far greater destruction to all of your relationships. Speaking sense and thinking reasonably will help you to achieve a lot of things in life. Speaking bad words will only lower your way of thinking. Cussing can help outlet anger, or provoke it. It can relieve stress, or cause it. It can be clever and flirtatious, or sexist and intimidating. Consequently, be aware of when and where you use such lingo. Control it, tame it, and time it!


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5 Reasons why travelling is beneficial for teens

Going on a holiday can be a life-changing event for a teen. It’s not just holiday or getaway but a learning experience altogether
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Remember Kangana Ranaut’s movie Queen and its lead character Rani? How Rani, a docile and submissive girl, went on a holiday all alone, had a few experiences for the first time in her life and that changed her completely. On her return, she was a confident and headstrong girl. That’s how influential travelling is. It changes us and the way we see the world. And since teenage is the perfect time to create our personalities and values, it becomes even more important.

Below are few reasons how teenagers can benefit from travelling:

Travelling makes you humble

At times, culture shock and experience of how others inhabit a dwelling becomes an important lesson for teens. It teaches them that everything is not about them which gives them perspective and respect. Travel influences the way we look and relate to the world.

Develops cultural sensitivity

In a world of globalization, being culturally sensitive is the key. It has become essential that we look for underlying values that may explain certain behaviour of a nation or community. Engaging oneself in foreign culture allows us to develop cultural sensitivity, acceptance and a more open0minded perspective of the world.

Travelling is an superb way for students to develop some important skills like critical thinking and problem solving. This will enable them to compete in a progressively global economy.

Coming out of Comfort Zone

Teens usually have an established comfort zone with their parents, friends, activities, hangouts and probably a community. Coming out of these daily roles can be scary and. However, the reality is that we learn in the most uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations. So when you travel to a new place and figure out that you can connect with people despite being differences, you learn to navigate through the environment and become smarter and a more competent individual. Embracing this discomfort will not only help you grow but is also the most effective way to build confidence.

Travel is particularly essential for developing Critical Thinking as it forces us to examine our own values and beliefs.

Builds Confidence

There are plenty of obstacles that you need to conquer while travelling. Like how to use public transit, ask for a grocery store or know the directions to your hotel back. This will enable you to build confidence and develop the ability to adapt in unknown situations. It makes you realize that you CAN do things, despite the obstacles.

Learning a New Language

In today’s era of globalization, proficient speaking in two or more languages gives you an edge over the others. Additionally, it opens up a whole new world of people you can connect with and understand. Not to forget that more the languages one knows, the clearer his vocabulary becomes. Travelling is the best way to learn a language as you are then forced to challenge and practice your lingual skills on a daily basis.

It creates an open-minded worldview which enables us to work well with others anywhere in the world.

So if your parents aren’t allowing you to travel or you have a friend, who is a terrible case of home-sickness, tell them why travelling can be extremely helpful in making your personality and giving you a broader perspective of life.

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