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Commit to celebrate Diwali smartly from Teenage

Follow 70-30 Rule; Whatsoever is your budget, donate 30% of whole

The real beauty & greatness of Indian culture could be seen in its festivals. There is something unique about all the festival. As a teenager you might definitely recall, how elders have stories to tell you about history & origin of every festival. Festivals are all about spending time with friends & family, lots of food, new clothes and tons of fun. Perhaps, How as a smart teenager  can you make festivals special for those who might be lacking resources? Try to be a humble & smart person since teenage who thinks to make a beautiful Diwali for all apart from himself. I am sure when you go out for shopping, your parents always take the best things for you. As a teen in true sense you will be promoting kindness & spread diversity by trying to make Diwali beautiful for others.

Give food to people who sleep hungry

Teenagers are fond of eating a variety of food items, & when it is Diwali time the range goes to indefinite. Eat healthy & enjoy the festival. Apart from this, visit a nearby slum area or orphanage to donate some sweets or food to the teenagers & kids their. Trust me you will be able to feel extreme happiness & satisfaction within. 

Donate Clothes in which you don’t fit now

In almost every festival, teenagers either get new clothes as gifts or purchase them. Here is a great opportunity to donate your old clothes. The only condition is old clothes are worth being worn by anyone, basically clothes which might be tight to you or you do not use them now. In this way, some poor kid would be able to wear a new cloth in Diwali.

Fill colours in lives by taking rangoli colours from street vendors.

Also purchase diyas & decoration items from the street sellers, rather than taking them from malls. This will definitely make it possible for street sellers to get basic essentials for themselves for Diwali. So in short this is one way how you are helping them in celebrating Diwali.

Bring light to lives by giving some crackers

As a teenager, everyone loves exploring crackers. It is actually most attractive part of Diwali for teens & kids in house. So enjoy it to the fullest, but make sure to be safe. And secondly there are some underprivileged kids who often couldn’t get crackers. So here you can be a source of light in their lives. Make their Diwali beautiful by donating maybe 40% of your crackers & feel the happiness you would be able to spread.

Have a happy & prosperous Diwali with your friends & family. Festivals give you chance to be creative & happy at the same time, utilize it to the fullest. And as a teenager for now make yourself & your family proud of you by bringing joy & light to others life also. This will surely pave the way towards a stronger you in future. And you will be able to understand the true sense of Indian culture & festivals.

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6 Ways to develop Time Management skills for Teenagers

Do you want to become more effective and develop some useful time management skills? We've got you covered!
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Most teens struggle with how to manage time effectively. Since the life of teens is splintered by many demands like academics, social, friend, family, etc, it becomes crucial to manage time effectively and cater to everything but in a limited span of time. If you’re wondering how we are here to help!

Figure out your style

Start by understanding your own unique rhythm. Each one of us has times of day when we are able to be more productive than other times. Try to figure out your productive periods rather than simply deciding what to do when. Take charge of your time if you really want to be effective.

Know how to manage stress

When it comes to managing time effectively, there is no room left for stress. Stress, for teens, is of two types: internal and external. Internal stress is self-imposed like I need to get more than 95% this time, and external stress is the consequence of pressure and deadlines, like, I have a test tomorrow. To manage external stress it is best to quit procrastinating and starting your projects on time, asking for extensions from teachers, or dropping extracurricular activities. If you put a lot of internal pressure on yourself, then you need to have a perspective on what’s important and what’s not. You can take help from your parents or teachers about this.

Understand how priorities work

You have a Maths test on Monday but your friends are going for a movie on Sunday. You might think of ditching the exam preparation and going to watch the movie but how about this, you prepare for your exam on Sunday morning or afternoon and then can enjoy it with your friends later that evening. Know what is more important to you and also consider the result of avoiding it.

Learn to start early

Not completing assignments on time, being late for activities, or waiting till the last minute to get ready for the family get-together, are all signs of procrastination and poor time management. When you are aware of the upcoming test, project deadline, family event, etc, why not start preparing for it a little early and save yourself from last-minute commotion?

Manage technology distractions

Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc are all distractions especially when it comes to studying and academics. Make a list of ways your phone serves as a distraction, then come up with ways you can control the distraction. This will help you to solve problems in your own limits.

Lists are NOT enough

To-do lists are an organizational strategy, not a time management one. You also need to learn how long tasks take, how to plan your schedule using strategies like blocking out chunks of time to devote to certain tasks, setting goals for the day, identifying the steps to complete each goal, and anticipating roadblocks that might thwart your efforts.

The habits you develop during the teen years, contribute a lot in making the kind of adult you would be. So instead of wasting your time and energy on things that don’t matter, learn to start managing time to be more effective.

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