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Body Language to look more Confident

Looking confident is the key to impressing people and making a lasting impact on them. Read on to know how you can improve your body language to look more confident and in control.

Body language in its simplest form is the non-verbal part of communication which can reveal some of our deepest and truest feelings, emotions and actions. We use gestures, posture, facial expressions, eye contact, and other visible elements to communicate beyond verbal content.

People notice your body and body movements while you converse with them. We all need to ensure that we are in control of what our body is telling the other person. This certainly can be done through practicing in front of the mirror, with a friend or a loved one as they can give you feedback on what they see.

Here are some ways of looking confident.

Eye contact:  When interacting with anybody socially or otherwise, try to keep direct eye contact with the other person. This reflects comfort and interest. If direct eye contact is too much, try to look at a spot close to their eyes.

Lean forward: While talking to someone, leaning forward towards them can also show that you are paying attention and interested. If you feel socially awkward and prefer to maintain distance, try to lean as much as your comfort zone allows.

Stand/Sit Straight: Sit r stand upright, move shoulders away from your ears and keep your arms and legs uncrossed. This will reflect more openness and confidence.

Try not to Fidget: When you fidget with something, it distracts the other person from your conversation and you. Keep away from fidgeting as much as possible as it is also a sign of nervousness and discomfort.

Keep your Head and Chin Up: While walking, keep your head up and don’t look downwards. Look forward and keep walking. It will come naturally with frequent practice.

Avoid Pockets: When you are afraid of your hands shaking or feeling uncomfortable, it is often natural to direct them into your pockets. Doing so can seem casual and arrogant. Try to keep them outside and you can use hand movements to keep them occupied. Keep hand movements minimal so that they don’t overshadow you or your conversation.

Use slow Movements: Movements, whether they are while walking or standing/sitting, can say a lot about how you feel. Keep them slow and well-paced.

Smile: It makes you look attractive and trustworthy. Practice it when you wake up and smile in front of a mirror.

It is important to remember that body language is not only a reflection of your confidence but also a projection of your self-esteem and how much you value yourself. You are in control of your body which makes it easier to become more reliant on gestures and other elements to help you appear and feel more confident. Remember, along with looking confident, work on yourself to emotionally and mentally increase your confidence which will automatically reflect in your personality.

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How to utilize vacations effectively

From taking on a summer project to discovering a new part of town, this is the best time to have loads of fun and prepare yourself for the next academic year or the world beyond the studies
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Vacations have changed drastically over the years. From the time of unstructured play and fun, vacations now are a time to learn and hone new skills. Once the hectic school schedule is over for a while, sleeping late, watching TV or playing video games all day is fine, at least for the first days of your vacation. If you are finding it difficult to use your vacations more productively, then here are 7 ideas from our Teentalkindia expert to help you:

1. You can learn to develop a website from scratch with HTML. Or, you can learn to create a website without computer language skills on a publishing platform like WordPress or can also launch a personal blog on a free blogging platform.

2. It’s more fun than being able to speak another language. Teens can learn the basics of any new language by downloading a language-learning app and completing all the lessons.

3. You might like to be outside during the summer if you're athletically inclined. Consider learning to play an individual sport like tennis, swimming or basketball. Local universities, community colleges and sports clubs are some of the best places to look for beginner classes.

4. Find a job to earn some money. Start by discussing with your guidance counselor about your desire to get a summer job. Guidance counselors usually know about local summer jobs for teens. Try to think about the kind of job you might want after college. Then, work closely with your parents, teachers and guidance counselor to identify companies that take on high school interns during the summer.

5. Choose volunteer opportunities based on the things that you like doing. If you enjoy spending time with senior citizens, you might volunteer at a local nursing home or some NGO. 

6. You want to choose a place to visit in your city or town that's close by. You can check out a place you've never been or a place you don't visit often, which can still be elevating. Places you do visit regularly can also offer new experiences if you explore them from a new angle.

7. Local parks and recreation departments usually publish a list of their summer arts/crafts or music classes for teens. Library branches, craft stores, and local businesses sometimes offer classes too. The great thing about them is that they're inexpensive. They're also of short duration, so you can take several classes over the summer.

Make a decision to use the vacation time effectively from the very first day onwards. Once you postpone the commencement, it is difficult to stay on track. It’s very important to note that even on holidays, studying remains essential for a student. It doesn’t matter whether we have completed one academic year or it’s a vacation after the exams. Make a habit to study for a particular time each day. You can revise the previous year’s subjects or read in advance for the year coming ahead. These activities are great for teens alone or together or with families and hope everyone has a rewarding summer!

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