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Benefits of having hobbies for teenagers

As they rightly say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Teenagers benefit in more ways than one by indulging in hobbies and extracurricular activities, whether it is music, sports or arts, and craft. As teens spend most of their time at school and coaching, the way they utilize leisure time makes a difference. And hence hobbies can play a vital role in shaping one’s lives and careers.

Why are Hobbies important?

Hobbies are a platform to pursue your interests, which in turn will benefit you in finding your passion, developing new life skills and also in having a healthy mind and body. Rather, hobbies can sometimes be life-defining moments too. Take Taylor Swift for example, who used to write and sing songs at a very young age, and now she’s turned into a mega-icon doing concerts, topping music charts and rocking the world.

Here are a few benefits of hobbies for teens:

Skill learning

Hobbies provide us with opportunities to learn and develop new skills. For instance, a hobby like photography can teach you about the technicalities of the camera, editing and enhancing the quality of a picture, design, lighting, and much more.


When you engage your body and mind in doing something that makes you happy, it reduces stress and anxiety levels and also detoxifies your mind. This, in turn, results in improved focus and better lifestyle.

Building a social circle

When you engage in a hobby, you get to meet and interact with different people having similar interests. These acquaintances may lead to strong connections and lifelong friendships.

Learn time management

While pursuing a hobby, you utilize your free time in a better and constructive way. Your hobby keeps you busy and makes you conscious about the vitality of time. Time management leads to a disciplined life.

Handling pressure

You will face lots of ups and downs in life, and so is the experience while pursuing a hobby. When you pursue your interest, not everything might go smoothly or in the way you want it to be. These uncertainties are sure to occur but you’ll have to learn to take them positively and work on your shortcomings.

Hobbies transform our lives in several ways. They can teach you about adversities and also develop new skills. It supports our emotional well being and improves physical health too. Hence, hobbies are helpful in promoting our overall wellbeing.

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Breathe, Read, Repeat!

Reading books about mental health can give you a chance to enlighten yourself about so many different things that happen around you, especially with people around you.
ArchitaTeentalk Expert

Books are a wonderful way to travelling without having to move an inch. Isn’t that convenient? Let’s learn a bit about mental health and journey through characters, situations, mishaps, strategies and a little fun by reading something aside from textbooks.

Mental health touches all our lives directly or indirectly. You can choose to learn about it through different media including books. As teenagers you can become more aware and sensitized about different issues which prevail around you. Reading not only brings you closer to this but also adds another activity for you during a regular day.

Here are some recommendations we have for you. Check them out!

  1. 13 Reasons Why – This books talks about a teenage girl’s struggles with life which result in suicide.

  2. Clean – This books tackles lives of two people combatting addiction.

  3. The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary – This book tells the tale of a young girl who is going through a troubled family life and acts out due to all the unfortunate events which occur in her life.

  4. (Don’t) Call Me Crazy – This is a wonderful starter book to read to begin a conversation about mental health and understand its meaning a little better.

  5. Girl, Interrupted – This is a beautiful narration of a girl’s experience in a mental health institute.

  6. Finding Audrey – This novel talks about how a girl finds it hard to leave her house or even take her sunglasses off inside the house. However, at some point, with new found support, she believe she can try going out again.

  7. Challenger Deep – This book touches the mental illness of schizophrenia.

  8. More Happy Than Not – This book touches the concept of sexuality and the struggles of teenagers with mental health.

  9. Impulse – This story is about three different people in one psychiatric hospital, tied together with the common act of suicide

Reading is a healthy habit and reading about mental health can make is interesting and a learning process. It’s natural for all of us to gravitate towards films and TV shows, but take some time out during your day and pick up a book, curl up in a blanket and just read.

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