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A blissful ray of hope in this festive season

The festive season has set in and it is sure to usher a lot of hope and happiness.

This year we are celebrating all the festivals in a different way. Diwali is such a festival where people used to greet each other by exchanging sweets or extended family and friends come together and celebrate this day with lots of joy and excitement.

This year is different. Some of us are away from family as they can’t travel, whereas some are home quarantined, some are stuck in abusive home conditions whereas some are feeling lonely. There are people who have experienced Covid related losses. Some are experiencing mental health concerns and wants to stay out of the hustle-bustle of festivals. Others are searching for some temporary happiness on social media.

If you are someone who is facing loneliness and sadness that is interfering with your daily lives then ideally you should talk to an expert. Our experts have a few tips for you to cope with the loneliness in this festive season –

1. Become aware of your feelings and acknowledge them
It will always help if you become aware of your feelings. If you are feeling low and sad then try to think about where this feeling is coming from, what is the thing that can make you feel better, how you can support yourself in this difficult time. 

If you are feeling certain negative emotions then don’t suppress that but try to think about the reason that what makes you feel this way. This will help you find a solution.

2. Follow a routine
Sometimes with the stress and sadness we don’t feel like eating or sleeping or working and sometimes we overdo like we oversleep, we overeat or we overwork. That becomes your coping mechanism. 

To break this you have to follow a routine which will balance between your body and mind and you can follow a healthy lifestyle too which will help you cope with the negative feelings.

3. Show love to yourself 
It always helps in coping with loneliness if you give importance to your needs and prioritize yourself over others. Do the little things that make you happy. If you are feeling lonely in this festive season then you can decorate your room and wear festive wear which will give you happiness. 

4. Meet and greet your family members virtually 
Now it is not possible for us to meet our relatives and friends like we used to do so we can choose a virtual way out. We get ready in our home, make some good dishes for ourselves and video call our friends and relatives and have a good time. You can also take help from apps like Zoom or Whatsapp and do a group calling. 

You can also greet your neighbours with some amazing Diwali special recipe if you can’t move out of your society and have some face to face interaction.

This year is different and difficult for all of us. We all are struggling with many problems. But these occasions are opportunities for us to rejuvenate ourselves from our monotonous daily routine and add some spark to it. 

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How to earn money during lockdown

Now with a situation involving more time at home, we can earn money online.
Diva Teentalkindia Content Writer

With increasing uncertainty and rising financial problems during the COVID-19 lockdown, most of us are looking for ways to make ends meet for our families or providing a shoulder to lift the financial stress on our parents. Others are simply searching for ways to fill the excess free time on their hands. Either way, what’s better than sitting in the safety of your homes and earning money? Here are 5 easy ways to earn money during the lockdown while you stay safe and stay home


  1. Writing and e-books

If you’ve wanted to be a writer, the lockdown is a perfect time to start. Reach out to websites for whom you could write articles, blogs, reviews and listicles to earn money. However, before you start writing make sure to read the existing content on the website and understand the style and format of writing. UPWORK, FixPocket, PeoplePerHour and Constant-Content are some websites that offer freelance writing opportunities. Using your writing skills can be a great way to earn money from home.


  1. Channel your creativity

Most of us possess a large number of varied skills in the field of creativity. These skills could include dance, game-developing, craft, video-editing and many more. If you channel it correctly, your creativity could help you earn money. You could develop an online game and sell it, start your own dance classes if you are adept at a particular dance form or earn money through editing videos and pictures for friends and family.

  1. Online tutoring

As schools and colleges shift to online classes, students require extra help to fill the gaps in their understanding and more parents are on the look-out for online tutors. If you have a thorough understanding of a particular subject, good communication skills and a good temperament to deal with young adults and children, you can earn money by taking online classes. Apply to websites that connect tutors to students or simply spread the word about your classes through friends and family.





  1. Turn old belongings into money

The lockdown allows plenty of free time; use this time to clean up your house and clear out the closets and drawers in your room. You are bound to find old DVDs, furniture, gadgets, home decoration, clothing, accessories etc. that you could sell online to earn money during lockdown. Ebay, OLX, Quikr are some sites where you can turn your belongings into cash





  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a great and flexible way to earn money across several domains including designing, digital marketing, photography, content writing and many more diverse fields. Use your expertise and interests and connect with job portals and companies that offer freelancing job opportunities.







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