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5 Pro tips to improve your IQ

Can we make ourselves any smarter? IQ levels could be improved by training your brain to newer perspectives and a better environment

Intelligence accounts for about 50 percent of your success, and all the other typical self-improvement stuff—positive thinking, goal-setting, time management, character development, etc.—gets the other 50 percent. Intelligence is your ability to think at a high level. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between high levels of intelligence and success in life. It’s actually one of the biggest predictors of success. It’s your ability to manage and manipulate life with your mind. It’s the closest thing to a superhero power you’re going to get in this world.

IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a comparison of your cognitive abilities to others of your own age. The human brain performs well under better supervision and training. The IQ levels are not some measures of intelligence which will remain stagnant over the long run. Nourishing the brain, just as you would with your body is essential to improve your IQ levels over time.

So how can you increase your IQ? Here are five ways, but it really all boils down to stretching your brain by learning new things:

Become a new age man or woman: Study history, science, psychology, art, languages, math, music, etc. Learn how this world works. Add depth to your mind and character. Read at least one book a week. Start to notice the patterns. Intelligence boils down to pattern recognition. Being open to new experiences and seeking out new things to do and learn is a personality trait associated with higher IQ.

Learn a musical instrument: Learning to play music is the equivalent of giving your brain a full body workout. Simply put, playing an instrument lights your entire brain on intellectual fire and has lasting impact on math and spatial reasoning skills.

Practice meditation and deep breathing: Meditation is all about focused breathing, but adding a factor of visualization and meditation will help you improve your IQ significantly. While you’re at it, try visualising a new possibility or an activity, activating all of your senses while doing so. Meditation stimulates your cognitive brain and you can work on different muscles of your body by stimulating them through daily meditation.

Play Brain games: Crossword Puzzles, Rubik cube and Sudoku are some of the great games that would significantly improve one’s IQ levels with a few minutes of game time each day. To add more value to this game time, try adding social interaction factor to your puzzle games, think of Scrabble. An activity involving both hand and eye coordination simultaneously helps users to focus better, improving the IQ in turn.

Eat a rich diet: If you want your brain to work its best, feed it high-powered fuel. Some of the best foods for the brain include berries, dry fruits, avocado, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, dark chocolate, cold water fish, and turmeric. Limit your junk food, caffeine and nicotine intake.

No matter how much people state intelligence as a factor of genetics and hereditary, most of it also depends on the environment. Nourishing your brain with a sustainable environment is essential for a healthy development of your brain. An enriched environment where active learning is promoted is crucial for the brain to show better signs of development.

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7 Essential Life Skills Every Teen Should Learn

Have you ever wondered how independent you actually are? Will you be able to look after yourself if left alone for a while? Do you think you are well-equipped with essential life skills to face the world?
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

It’s absolutely important for teens to learn more than just academics. Life skill education simply cannot stop with the exposure you receive in school. To learn its importance, you need to learn through experiences and training. Our Teentalk expert lists a few of them for you to develop:

Basic self defense: I’m sure you’ll agree that especially in today’s world, safety is of utmost importance, and developing self-defense not only makes you feel more independent, but also more confident. Basic self-defense is a must — be it a girl or a boy.

Importance of physical and mental health: Instead of forcefully eating healthy stuff, you should know how the healthy food will benefit you. Mental health education can create a healthy psycho-social environment. It promotes cooperation, facilitates supportive, open communications, prevents physical punishment, bullying, harassment and violence.

Time and money management: You’re probably wondering how. Get a activity planner and an alarm clock to use to track your school work and other extra-curricular work and to keep track of what needs to be done by when. By doing this, you will automatically begin to allow specific amounts of time for play and for work.

Ask your parents/elders a certain amount of pocket money every week or every two weeks so that you can use for your expenses. When you go for shopping, choose comparatively cheaper options sometimes. Budget training develops a habit in you not to waste money and to respect its value.

Decision-making skills: Education, career, life partners — there are so many important decisions we need to make in our lives. How about instilling the skill of making appropriate decisions at an early age itself? Start by choosing between 2 activities or games; 2 different types of clothes; 2 different food items, etc. Once this happens, you will understand the consequences that each decision causes.

Basic cooking skills: You can help your parents in baking, with handing the ingredients while they cook or with keeping the kitchen table clean while your mom is preparing a meal. You can peel or chop veggies carefully under supervision. So the idea you can survive in case of an absence of your parents!

Importance of environmental preservation: Understanding the importance of environment and sustainability at an early age will teach you to be more loving towards the planet. Practice eco-friendly habits in everything you do. You can indulge in environmental activities such as gardening and collecting waste to throw in a bin.

Positive social interaction: If you think about it, a task that we do every single day is to be engaged in interaction with people. You should know to differentiate between good strangers and bad strangers. How to make friends, how to be friendly to good adults, and just how you should go about interacting with these people.

Developing life skills is important so as to have a brief idea of what you want to do in life and essentially keep in mind the kind of person you want to be.

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