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Ways to protect your Energy

We human beings often get swept and influenced away by the energy of those surrounding us. It can be good but can have negative outcomes too when surrounded by negative people

We all know that it is important to look after our energy. What we miss is that like physical energy, it is also vital to protect the energy that manages our mental health, emotional and spiritual self. And just as food and exercise impact our physical energy, our thoughts, emotions, and interactions with others influence our mental and emotional well-being.

When we are young, we do not have many things to cater to. Our world is confined to our friends, studies and social life. But as we grow and take more responsibilities, we have to invest our energy in various other activities and people. In this scenario, if you cannot manage to protect your energy then you’d be left with feeling exhausted and irritated all the time. Since teenage is the best time to learn and adapt to healthier habits, its best to start practicing how to protect your energy for better mental and emotional health in later life.

Here are a few ways to start protecting your energy from getting influenced by the negative energy of others:

1. Set your boundaries

When you find yourself stuck with someone who is always insulting others, complaining, or always speaking negative, then do not support them just to be with them. Know that you have different energy and perspective and that you have more to give to the world.

2. Create a ‘Bubble’

Visualization is the trick here and will work especially when you are surrounded by people who make you feel drained, squashed or attacked. Imagine yourself in a soft bubble of white or blue colour. When anyone says something to you, imagine their words bouncing off that soft bubble and going back to them. Many researchers have concluded that visualization is a healing mind-body technique.

3. Make and use your own ‘Mantra’

This works especially when you are surrounded by people whose energy tends to overwhelm you all the time. Create a short mantra of your own like, ‘this is their energy, not mine’, or ‘their energy cannot impact me’. When someone throws a tantrum or behaves dramatically, start reciting your mantra to yourself. This allows us to stay calm and maintain your ability to help someone through their struggle without compromising your sanity.

4. De-clutter and cleanse your space

Cleaning has the ability to wash away negativity. Get rid of unwanted things in your home or room and make a habit of doing this regularly. Use lighter colours on bedsheets, pillow, and curtains. Put some greenery inside, and open up the windows and doors to let the natural light come in. Make your room into a peaceful place for you.

The more empathic and sensitive you are, the easier it is for you to get swept away by the energies of others. However, with practice and intention, you can protect your energy and lead a healthier life.

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Dealing with Mathematics anxiety

Recently there have been many cases of students ending their lives because of anxiety related to an impending paper. While test anxiety affects many students, the fear related to mathematics as a subject is alarming
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Are you a student who gets anxious at the very thought of giving a maths test? Do you believe that you simply do not have a maths mind? Do you avoid activities or other classes that may involve maths? If anyone of these situations describes you, you may be suffering from Maths anxiety.

Maths anxiety is an intense emotional feeling of anxiety that people have about their ability to understand and do mathematics. People who suffer from maths anxiety feel that they are incapable of doing activities that involve maths. Maths anxiety is more of an emotional, rather than an intellectual problem. However, maths anxiety interferes with a person’s ability to learn maths and therefore results in an intellectual problem.

What causes maths anxiety?

There is not just one single cause of maths anxiety. It often results due to negative or embarrassing experiences of a student with maths or maths teacher in early classes. Such experience can leave a student believing they are deficient in maths in maths ability. The belief can actually lead to poor performance, which serves as confirming evidence to the student. It is not a reflection of a student’s true ability in maths. Therefore, there are a number of strategies that can be used to overcome mathematics anxiety.

1. Review and learn basic arithmetic principles and methods

Due to the early negative experience, many students do not really develop a foundation in basic arithmetic, particularly multiplications and fractions. As maths is an accumulative discipline, in which complex concepts are built cumulatively on more simple concepts, a student who has not developed a solid arithmetic foundation will have more trouble in learning higher maths. A short course in arithmetic is often a vital step in reducing mathematics anxiety.

2. Be aware of thoughts, feelings, and actions

Maths anxiety affects different people in different ways. It is hence very important to be fully aware of yourself and the situation when you encounter maths. If you are aware of irrational thoughts you can work to replace those thoughts with more positive and realistic ones.

3.Learn the vocabulary of Maths

One of the problem students has with maths in understanding the terms and vocabulary. Maths often uses words in a completely different way than they are used in other subjects. For example, the word factor.

4. Learn anxiety management techniques

5. Work on having a positive attitude about maths

6. Learn positive self-talk

Try to sit in the front where there are lesser distractions and if you have any questions, ask. Don’t be afraid to seek help from your teacher after class or during break hours. Read the textbook material before it is discussed in class and after the class is finished review the material covered. Finally, practice and rigorous review are the sure and safe way to excel in mathematics for any student.

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