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Bollywood movies and coping mechanisms

We can be our own heroes by coping with our emotions and our favorite Bollywood movies teach us just how!

Popular for its idea of love, romance, friendships and lifestyles, Bollywood has played a large role in most Indian’s lives. With almost every Indian hoping to feel the same heroism as the lead character of our favorite Bollywood movies, we often forget that what we do feel are the same emotions as these characters. We face fear, we face anger, we face helplessness, we face stress and we face sorrow. We can be our own heroes by coping with our emotions and our favorite Bollywood movies teach us just how! Here are 6 coping mechanisms from popular onscreen characters to help you cope with your negative thoughts and emotions.


Jab We Met - Letting go

Geet makes Aditya let go of the things that bother him by convincing him to burn his ex’s picture and flush it down the toilet. Moreover, she insists that he calls his ex and vents out all his frustration.

Counsellor tip- Sometimes the burden on you can be cleared by venting out. Write your negative thoughts on a piece of paper and flush it down, burn the paper or simply tear it apart. This is a great way to release your emotions.


Rab ne bana di Jodi - Pursue your hobby and derive happiness from it

After Taani ends up in an unhappy marriage, she decided to pursue her love for dancing and signs up for a dance competition. This helps her divert her attention from the negative emotions and stress in her life.

Counsellor tip- Follow your hobbies because that is the one thing that guarantees happiness when everything else can’t.


Yeh Jawaani Hai deewani - Give yourself a break and enjoy life

“Scholar Naina” is tired of her life. Her social life is sacrificed as a medical student and the pressure to exceed academically. However, an unplanned trekking trip with her friends is all that she needs to release the stress on her.

Counsellor tip- At one point in life it is inevitable to feel overwhelmed by emotions and burned out. All you need is a break from monotony so step out of your homes and make time for nature, adventure and outdoor fun - away from your work desk.

Dear Zindagi - Find a confidant and talk about it

After career and relationship turndowns, Kaira suffers insomnia and depression. However, her life takes a turn when she meets Jug who gives her a new perspective on life which helps her control her emotions, follow her passions and improve her love life.

Counsellor tip - As humans, we tend to hold on to our negative emotions, fears and anxieties. Finding a confidant, talking to them and listening to them gives us a new perspective that is clouded by our negative thoughts. 


Gully Boy - Write about your feelings.

Murad, a promising rapper, is forced by his father to work in a white-collar job. He also witnesses his father’s violent ways at home. However, he uses rap as a form of expression and writes about social issues and his life.

Counsellor tip- Use writing as a form of letting go of your emotions. This could be writing music, poetry or simply maintaining a journal to let your emotions flow when the world seems ignorant and helpless. Listening to music will also help you calm yourself and control your emotions


Dil Chahta Hai - Use art to express yourself

Sid, a young man, is full of depth and ardor. However, his life takes a crazy turn when he falls in love with a divorced woman much older than himself. Nevertheless, he uses painting to express his emotions and philosophical side when he thinks the world won’t understand him

Counsellor tip- Art is a great form of expressing your emotions and painting your thoughts or scribbling is an essential form of art therapy that can help you heal when nobody else seems to understand you.


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7 Ways to Bounce Back From Failure

Success cannot be achieved without failure. Yes, failure hurts. But there are ways to bounce back from failure.
Snigdha Teentalkindia Counsellor

We fail, we make mistakes, we get hurt but with all this, we learn too. Yes, when we fail or when we make bad choices, we feel terrible, frustrated and at times, demotivated. But we can’t really avoid it. 

As much as our society embarrasses us about failures, the truth is, without failure, we cannot achieve anything.

Only after we’ve succeeded, we look back upon the hardships we experienced, the pain we experienced during our failures, but we’ve learnt from them and we’ll be prepared to not let that happen again.

Whatever I’m saying here is surely easier to say than actually experience it, but the fact of life is that no matter how many failures you experience, people only care about the successes, how you’ve overcome them my bouncing back and stayed confident throughout the ordeal.

Our mind only sees what we want it to see. If we only fixate on problems in front of us with the fear of failure, we won’t really be able to find a solution for it. 

It will fixate on the problem and failure, making us lose our confidence and self-esteem. However, when we flip our way of seeing the failure as something negative and start to see them as stepping stones to reach our goal, our mind will only see positivity and start functioning towards our growth.

As said by J.K.Rowling, “Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default.”

Here are a few ways which will help you bounce back from failure and continue to follow your goal with the same spirit – 


  • Accept  the failure

Let’s be honest here. Experiencing failure sucks. When you face failure, it takes a major hit on our self-confidence. Sometimes it’s due to something you did wrong, sometimes things just don’t end up in your favour no matter how hard you try. However, accepting failure is very important. Acceptance will help you to see the damage and prepare you to avoid such a situation in the future. 


  • Practice grounding techniques

Grounding techniques help you to calm yourself when you’re overwhelmed with things going out of control in front of you. Simply take a deep breath for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds and exhale for four seconds. Grounding techniques will help you maintain your calm and think appropriately without anxiety and fear clouding your judgement. 


  • Try to analyze the reason

Look for the reason what led to this failure. The reason could be something you didn’t anticipate. Analyze the situation, try to separate the trouble-causing elements away for a successful outcome in the next try. 


  • Forgive yourself

Everyone makes mistakes, you’re only human. Regardless of how grave or silly the reason was for the failure, don’t give yourself a hard time. Only you can love yourself like no one else ever can. 


  • Take efforts to heal your injuries

Sometimes the failures can cause scars -- either mental or physical. In such a situation, give yourself time to heal. In case something you’re working on is affecting you a lot mentally, take a break. that will not only make you feel more positive, but it will also result in a better outcome. 


  • Use positive affirmations

The only way you can feel positive is if you’re surrounded by positivity. Keep your space surrounded with posters with inspiring quotes, sayings by successful personalities, that can help spark positivity in you and help you feel optimistic. 


  • Show gratitude

When failure surrounds you, it can cloud the vision and force us to only see the negatives. However, in such situations, try looking for positives, and be thankful for them for they will help your motivation get the strength it needs to move forward. Express gratitude for those positives.

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