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8 Things to do when you are having a bad day

Useful tips to turn your bad day into a good one

We all experience those days when we feel like nothing is working as per our plan, we are not loved or admired anymore, and that sinking feeling then fills our entire day making us feel even miserable at the end of the day. And when you are a teenager, your feelings are even delicate and hence handling them with care is also crucial. A teenager’s life is full of emotions, drama, thoughts, feelings and much all things confusing, hence feeling bad on various days can be a common problem to deal with.

The reality is we all face it but not everyone knows how to deal with it, especially teenagers. However, teenage is the time when you should be focusing more on positives and less on negatives as this will then become a habit of yours. Now if you are a teenager and looking for how to turn your bad day into a good one, here are few useful tips for you.

1. Be kind to yourself

Many times teenagers start blaming themselves for things that are not under their control. As a teenager, you have to be kind to yourself. You cannot control all things happening around you but you can surely control your reactions and the way you feel towards it.

2. Make a happy meal for yourself

No, not the McDonalds happy meal, but comfort food that will make you happy. As a teenager, you might be craving chocolates, creamy pasta, waffles, etc, so whenever you think you are having a bad day, treat yourself with these.

3. Set a small goal and achieve it

Set a reasonable and small goal to accomplish before the day ends. It can be anything simple like washing the dishes, cleaning your room, doing the laundry, etc. We feel better when things get done.

4. Be nice to someone

Researchers have shown that doing something nice to others makes us feel better. You can make the meal for everyone in the house, send a message to your distant friend, help someone in your family in their chores, etc.

5. Create a Gratitude Journal

We all are blessed in some way or the other. Always remember your bounties and if possible make a Gratitude journal and paste it in your room where you constantly see it. You can also download for free the Gratitude Journal created by our experts here. 

6. Remember this is temporary

Keep reminding yourself that “this too shall pass” or you can create your own version of this and remind yourself constantly of it.

7. Sleep over it

Like literally. When having a bad day, go to bed early. Not getting enough sleep often makes us more irritable and cranky. Take a night of good sleep and wake up fresh the other day.

8. Watch comedy

As they truly say, laughter is the best medicine. Watch a funny movie, TV show or YouTube video and get your mind off all sorts of stress.

It is also advisable to teenagers to meditate and exercise regularly to feel happy and energized the whole day. Making a habit of turning a bad day into a good one when you are a teenager, will help you beat the blues in your adult life as well.

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Ways to protect your Energy

We human beings often get swept and influenced away by the energy of those surrounding us. It can be good but can have negative outcomes too when surrounded by negative people
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

We all know that it is important to look after our energy. What we miss is that like physical energy, it is also vital to protect the energy that manages our mental health, emotional and spiritual self. And just as food and exercise impact our physical energy, our thoughts, emotions, and interactions with others influence our mental and emotional well-being.

When we are young, we do not have many things to cater to. Our world is confined to our friends, studies and social life. But as we grow and take more responsibilities, we have to invest our energy in various other activities and people. In this scenario, if you cannot manage to protect your energy then you’d be left with feeling exhausted and irritated all the time. Since teenage is the best time to learn and adapt to healthier habits, its best to start practicing how to protect your energy for better mental and emotional health in later life.

Here are a few ways to start protecting your energy from getting influenced by the negative energy of others:

1. Set your boundaries

When you find yourself stuck with someone who is always insulting others, complaining, or always speaking negative, then do not support them just to be with them. Know that you have different energy and perspective and that you have more to give to the world.

2. Create a ‘Bubble’

Visualization is the trick here and will work especially when you are surrounded by people who make you feel drained, squashed or attacked. Imagine yourself in a soft bubble of white or blue colour. When anyone says something to you, imagine their words bouncing off that soft bubble and going back to them. Many researchers have concluded that visualization is a healing mind-body technique.

3. Make and use your own ‘Mantra’

This works especially when you are surrounded by people whose energy tends to overwhelm you all the time. Create a short mantra of your own like, ‘this is their energy, not mine’, or ‘their energy cannot impact me’. When someone throws a tantrum or behaves dramatically, start reciting your mantra to yourself. This allows us to stay calm and maintain your ability to help someone through their struggle without compromising your sanity.

4. De-clutter and cleanse your space

Cleaning has the ability to wash away negativity. Get rid of unwanted things in your home or room and make a habit of doing this regularly. Use lighter colours on bedsheets, pillow, and curtains. Put some greenery inside, and open up the windows and doors to let the natural light come in. Make your room into a peaceful place for you.

The more empathic and sensitive you are, the easier it is for you to get swept away by the energies of others. However, with practice and intention, you can protect your energy and lead a healthier life.

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