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Vocational courses to give new dimension to your career

The vocational course enables students to learn certain special skills, while they also develop self-confidence and the urge to move forward

Unemployment is a major concern in our country, and the main reason behind it is that people do not possess many skills. To cater to this, the Indian government has also introduced the Skill India campaign. Under Skill India, people are being trained and made proficient in certain skills. In many states, vocational courses are available from class IX and X. In these courses, students teach some special skills, while they also develop self-confidence and the urge to move forward.

What is a vocational course

In the vocational course, students are told about the trends of a particular field. It is ensured that the participants become polished in the skills they are learning. Many governments and private institutes in the country are spreading awareness to youth about vocational courses. With the help of these, finding a job is easier.

Vocational course is offered in many fields, such as Health Care, Graphic designing, Web Designing, Food Technology, Cosmetology. It also offers training in a variety of technical functions too, such as automotive repair, plumbing, and air conditioning.


Anyone from 10th standard to a graduate can go for it. Also, there are certain courses for which even people who haven’t passed 10th standard can apply. There are different courses for differently educated people.

Some popular vocational courses

Diploma in Graphic Designing / Web Designing: This course is perfect for those students who are creative. This course is available in many private institutes.

Hotel Management: People interested in cooking and serving food should go for this. Also, people who are interested in making a career in Hospitality Management can opt for the same. Many government and private colleges offer long time and short-term courses in this.

Tourism: This field is emerging fast in India and it has also taken the form of the industry. In this, you will also get a chance to travel and earn a good salary too. You can do a diploma or a degree course in it.

Diploma in Vocational Courses


Computer science

Electrical engineering

Event Management

Catering Management

Food preservation

Certificate course in these vocational courses

Beauty culture

Hair design


Clinic nutrition

Corporate communication

Office management

Benefits of doing vocational courses

It teaches you practically in many courses

This number increases the number of skilled people in the country

These courses enhance creativity along with knowledge of the topic

The possibility of getting employment is high

College of India offering vocational courses

  • Abdul Kalam Institute of Technological Science

        Phone: 087452 57350


  • Institute of Technology and Management, Dehradun

        Phone: 070601 30567


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Tea tasting : A new career option after 12th

Due to less information about this sector, jobs are easily available in this field. There is low competition in this field, which you can take advantage of
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Let’s talk about a unique field today, Tea Tasting. Tea, in India, has a lot of importance and consequently you’ll find hundreds of tea brands in the market. Do you know that you can make a great career in the tea market? Yes! You can make a career in Tea Tasting. 

What is Tea Tasting?

A Tea Taster tastes the tea and describes how its taste can be improved further. Apart from the company that you are working with, you’ll have to compare it’s competitors taste as well. To improve the taste of tea, lots of research, study, and testing is done. Only after that does a tea enters the market to be sold.

Job opportunities

Tea Tasting is a potential career as there is less knowledge and more money is it. A tea taster can land a job in five-star hotels or various tea manufacturing companies to ensure they are in a constant state of improvement and hence demand.


A graduation degree in Botany is a must for becoming a tea taster. A candidate who passed his 12th from food science, horticulture or agricultural science is also eligible.

Pay & Salary

A beginner will get something between 10-15 thousand easily. After a few years of experience, and salary hike one can easily earn between 30-40 thousand monthly.  The growth is tremendous in this field.

Where in India

The Bengaluru Indian Institute of Plantation Management conducts studies on the technology and market methods of tea business management, market information, tee testing under its certificates program. This course is done in collaboration with the Board of India and the Ministry of Commerce.

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