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Let’s start Blogging!

Blogging has become a source of entertainment and income for many. Read more to know the basics of blogging.

Blogging is the new trend these days. Almost every other person you know either follows or owns a blog. The availability of various tools and the flexibility of working from anywhere anytime are a few reasons why blogging is preferred by youth. Moreover, if you are good at it and have a decent audience and content then you can go ahead with making money online with the same.

However, like any other skill, blogging also requires one to possess a few attributes, none of which are hard to learn. If you too are thinking of starting your own blog whether to spend your vacations fruitfully, for keeping yourself updated or to earn some money, here are a few basic guidelines which can help in you creating a sensible blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is a kind of website that emphasizes mainly on written content, aka blog posts. The main difference is bloggers write from their personal perspective and in a language and tone that is easily understood by the audience. Moreover, blogs allow their readers to comment, like and share the content which is even engaging than just websites. This builds a connection between the blogger and readers, which is the benefit if blogging mainly. You can interact and share ideas with like-minded people.

The Magic Ingredient

A common misconception is that you need to be a good writer if you want to start blogging. However, it's mostly about how passionate you are towards your topic. Your interest in the topic of your blog will decide the kind of content you’d be making and the kind of traffic that would be coming.

At heart, blogging is sharing your knowledge with the world. Your experiences, mistakes, and learning.

Here is your guide in the easiest way possible to start a blog:

Pick up a name for your blog. It can be something catchy or something really simple the choice is entirely yours.

Choose a platform. Whether you want to start with another host like Wordpress or Blogger, or want to buy a domain for yourself.

Customize your blog. Use theme, colours, font, graphics, etc that are in sync with the kind of content you’d be posting, is visually appealing and readable too.

Write and Publish regularly. Once you’ve started your blog, try to keep it updated. Don’t be absent for a long time. Create a list of ideas that you want to post about and give a deadline to each of them. Try to follow a routine in posting.

Stay original. Your content will be of no value if you’ll take it from some other source. Write original content and in your language.

Promote your blog. You can start by promoting on various social platforms for free. And once you have a decent audience, you can start paid promotions too.

Once you have an active blog for six months, you can look for affiliate marketing and other such sources which can help you in making money online.

Hope this helps all of you who are looking forward to starting blogging. If you have any other queries, feel free to get in touch with our experts at expert@teentalkindia.com

Happy Blogging!

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Career options for Commerce students

Although commerce as a field has a lot to offer, there has been a decline in students interest in Commerce.
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

A common misconception is that there aren’t much career options for Commerce Students. However, it is not true. Commerce surely is quite a vast field which can offer you numerous career choices. There are a lot of career options wide open for commerce students ranging from being in Management to being an entrepreneur. If you too are confused about your choice of career despite being a commerce student then our experts have made it easy for you as here are some you can explore.

1. Economics

This is basically the study of goods, services, resources, and production. Career opportunities in Economics include working as an economist, statistician, strategist, risk management analyst, operations research analyst, budget analyst and likewise. In order to pursue a career in Economics, one needs to study either a BA, BSc, (Honors.) Economics, Bachelor of Business Economics, or a major in Economics following which you can pursue a Master’s in Economics.

2. Actuarial Science

Professionals in this field work on analyzing the risk involved in various fields such as insurance, business, finance, and healthcare. Career opportunities in actuarial science may include but are not limited to, life insurance, health insurance, general insurance, pension funds, enterprise risk, actuary consulting firms, investments, risk management, retirement funds and so on. In terms of education, you need to have a Bachelor’s in either Math, Statistics or Commerce. In addition to this, you are also required to clear the Actuarial Common Entrance Test and further register with the Institute of Actuaries of India.

3. Management

Management involves the coordination, planning, forecasting and organizing of a company’s working and functioning processes in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency across the entire company. Career options for management include, general management, human resources, marketing, sales, strategy, operations management, supply chain management, finance, etc which can be found in any type of company like telecom, education, manufacturing and so forth. Education required to pursue management can be in any field, preferably a BBA or BMS which can further be followed by an MBA with a specialization in a specific area.

4. Chartered Accountancy

This is one of the most commonly chosen fields among commerce students. Chartered accountants work across fields such as audits, taxation, investments, finance, and likewise in the best interest of the relevant organization. CAs can choose from different career alternatives like auditing, tax consultation, corporate finance, investment banking, and other government or private sector jobs. After working for a few years, a private firm can also be a long term option.

5. Finance

This field of commerce includes financial planning, generation of funds/capital, the flow of company cash, managing assets, and other capital-related tasks. A career in finance may include, investment banking, financial planning, financial analysis, corporate finance, private equity, wealth management, and risk management. In the graduate stage, a basic BBA/B.Com. a degree would suffice in terms of being able to pursue a career in finance. In the postgraduate stage, a Masters in Finance, or an MBA in Finance can opt.

6. Entrepreneurship

This field has become more prevalent in today’s culture and many people are opting for it. It involves starting a new business from scratch including the development of a business idea, structure building, strategizing, and finally launching the company. A new business can be started for any good or service. Educationally, a BBA or an MBA can be the most beneficial paths to pursue.

Commerce is a diverse field with numerous career options. Besides the options mentioned above, other areas can also be explored. As and when a suitable interest or path is recognized, one can further discuss ideas and possibilities with guidance or a career counsellor for additional assistance and resources.

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