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Great prospects for career in chip designing after 12th

Demand for smart and intelligent devices is increasing in the country and abroad. In view of this, the integrated circuit i.e. chip designing industry has a chance to grow rapidly

Demand for smart and intelligent devices is increasing in the country and abroad. In view of this, the integrated circuit i.e. chip designing industry has a chance to grow rapidly. In India alone, it has taken the shape of the multi-million dollar industry. IT and electronics majors are eyeing this segment. Actually, chip designing is a great profession, there is a lot of emphasis on innovation. There has always been a need for hardworking and ready to learn youth in this.

Job prospects

According to the Indian Electronics and Semiconductor Association, the Indian chip industry currently has an annual growth rate of around 26.72%. By 2020, the chip industry is expected to witness faster growth due to the boom in the mobile device, IT segment or automotive electronics sector. Currently more than 160 chip design firms are active in this field, comprising computer companies in the country. There is also a lot of job opportunities for the talented youth, as, against the demand of the market, only a quarter of the talented engineers are able to get out of all the IITs and NITs in the country.


There is no shortage of jobs in Chip Industry, as the entire manufacturing of chip manufacturing in any company is divided into several stages like design, production, testing, applications, and process engineering. Therefore, a large number of talented engineers are always in demand here. Chip / VLS I Design Engineer, Product Engineer, Test Engineer, Applications / Systems Engineer, Process Engineer, Packaging Engineer in Architecture Design Team, Circuit Design Team, Physical Design Team, Testing or Verification Design Wing based on your experience and proficiency in companies Can be made.

What will you be doing?

Design engineers are usually playing the role of chip designers in IT companies, where their main job is to increase the functionality of small and large electronic devices. For this, such professionals mix millions of small parts and devices and make integrated circuits. Nowadays the advanced version of the chip is "Very Large Scale Integration" (VLSI). This small thin piece of silicon serves as an integrated circuit base. VLSI design experts are in great demand in companies.

Course and Qualification

Many IITs and NITs in the country are offering B.Tech and M.Tech courses in VLSI Design or Chip Design under the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications or Computer Science.

Essential skills

Young people wishing to make a career in this field must have knowledge of hardware and software. Apart from this, good communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving attitude is very important. Programming and Mathematical skills are very important. Young people wishing to make a career in this field must have knowledge of technology development and the latest innovation.

Premier institutes

IIT Delhi

Contact - 011 2659 7135


IIT Kharagpur

Contact - +91 512 259 7325


Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune

Contact - 020 6500 3345


Anna University, Chennai

Contact - 044 2235 7354


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Career in Sports management - a new field

If you are fond of sports, then there are many opportunities in sports management
Ritika SrivastavaTeentalkindia Counsellor

Most people who are fond of playing or wish to make a career in the field of sports and represent the country as a player in national or international tournaments. But now this is not the only way to be a part of this field. With the advent of many sports events in India like Indian Premier League, Hockey Premier League, Indian Super League, Pro Kabaddi League, there is a demand for athletes who are not only aware of the game but are also good in organizing matches. Who can work from monitoring team finances and negotiating athletes' contracts too. In short, now the demand for sports managers to manage all aspects of business and governance related to sports at all levels is starting to be on a large scale.

For Top Institutes-BBA-BA

  • National Academy of Sports Management, Mumbai
  • George College, Kolkata Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Uni. Of technology, P. Bengal
  • International Institute of Sports Management (IISM), Mumbai
  • Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune
  • Indian Institute of Management, Indore
  • Institute for MBA-Masters Degree
  • National Academy of Sports Management, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata
  • International Institute of Sports Management, Mumbai
  • Institute of Sports Management (IIST), Pune
  • Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports Uni., Chennai
  • Laxmibai National Uni. Of Physical Education, Gwalior

This is how you can plan your career in this field:

Step 1:

Choose any stream after 10th standard to make a career in sports management. You do not need to choose a particular subject stream in the 11th. Experts, however, recommend taking a commerce stream as studying subjects such as Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy helps you to understand business processes in-depth and know the issues related to global business.

Step 2: Graduation in BBA / Sports Management

For starters, it would be right to do BA / BBA in Sports Management after 12th. In these three-year professional courses, students get a chance to handle professional projects themselves. Also, knowledge related to the industry is given, from which they learn to focus on marketing management, sports planning, and funding, sports law, ethics, risk management, etc.

Step 3: Getting a Masters degree will benefit

To make a place in a professional workplace, a master's degree is necessary. Some institutes offer MBA and some masters degrees and diplomas in sports management. PG not only gets the theatrical knowledge of sports but also students are equipped with better managerial skills, which will benefit them in jobs related to sports marketing, sports media, sports apparel.

Major Career Opportunities

After obtaining a degree in sports management, you can find a career in these professional opportunities in the world of sports.

Sports agents: Sports agents handle athletes' legal contracts and their finances and endorsement deals. A sports agent's salary depends on which athlete they are working for and how much industry experience they have. Generally, the salary can range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 70,000 per month.

Sports Information Director: These professionals work with sports teams and media outlets and strengthen public relations through positive media coverage. After enough experience, you can get a salary ranging from 40,000 to 70,000 rupees per month.

Sports Marketing Manager: In addition to helping promote and sponsor marketing sports events, it also plays an important role in creating brand loyalty. These professionals work not with the athletes but with the sports companies with which the team is associated. As a sports marketing manager, you can earn from 50,000 to 80,000 per month.

Sports Event Manager: They have to identify the audiences and brands that can be associated with them. Apart from planning the event, one has to pay attention to its maintenance, staff, logistics and technical details. The average income is 36,000 which increases with experience.

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