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Grades don't Matter when you want to have a startup

Want to start a startup? These online learning videos will help as users can learn by watching online videos through Grads Don't Matter

Every one of us has ideas whether good or not so good. But despite having a good idea, there is a huge difference between having it and implementing it. Nowadays, most youngsters want to start their startup in a compounded life. Some people become successful at their startup, while some people do not do as good as they expected.

If you also want to make a career by having a startup of yours, and doing what you like, you need some quality guidance. For this, some youngsters have started their online platform, which has been named as 'Grades Don’t Matter'. Through this online channel, students can not only solve problems associated with their careers but also help in choosing a career according to their skills. Most of them have been given information about careers in which no degree is required.

How did the 'Grades Do not Matter' begin?

Some youngsters of the country made a team to start a new job. This team included experienced people in different streams such as technician, content and design sector, etc. In the early months of Grades Don’t Matter, research was conducted on optional education and career streams. Along with this, a list of 30 importance courses was created, with the introduction of successful people interviewing the series of video learning courses. More than 300 learning videos have been prepared in the Grades Don’t Matter.

How does it work?

At the moment, this app is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. The company earns money through app purchases. For every course, this platform charges Rs. 99 from the users. After that, the videos can be seen as often as they want. Through the 'workbook' pdf file you can take basic information about every course. After completing the course, students are given digitally signed certificates as well.

Link to website https://www.gradesdontmatter.in/


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IGNOU is one of the best university for distance education in the country
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a great university for teaching and career. Especially for those, who want to study but cannot attend regular college for some reason. The method of study of IGNOU is different from other traditional universities. IGNOU has adopted a multimedia approach to study. Components of IGNOU are self-study material, consultation sessions, routine and teleconferencing systems.

5 prominent features of IGNOU:

  • Easy arrangement has been made for the students to take advantage of practical classes on selected study centers for courses in science, computer, nursing and engineering, and technology. IGNOU admits students enough leniency in the case of eligibility, location, study speed, and its duration.
  • When it comes to admission of students, completing the program, Indira Gandhi University has always adapted liberal and flexible policies for the students. This is also one reason for IGNOU’s success in Distance Learning.
  • IGNOU has diploma, graduate, postgraduate, undergraduate and doctorate degree courses in emerging topics like consumer protection, disaster management, environment, human rights, tourism, women's empowerment and child development, health education, HIV, technology and online education.
  • IGNOU executes a credit system based on the time spent on studies. A credit is equivalent to 30 hours of study, it includes all the activities of the study. Different programs have different credit requirements. Students are allowed to get credit according to their speed, convenience, and ability. IGNOU also provides credit transfer facility. Under this, the credit can be transferred from any other university to IGNOU. For this, the student has to meet certain conditions.
  • IGNOU is currently completing the dreams of more than 4 million students in India and 36 other countries, with the help of its 21 study centers, 67 regional centers, and around 3,000 student support centers and 67 foreign centers.

The establishment of IGNOU

Indira Gandhi National Open University was established in 1985 under parliamentary law. In the field of open and distance learning, IGNOU maintains its own identity. IGNOU has made a significant contribution to higher education in the country from its establishment. According to UNESCO, it is the largest distance university in the country. IGNOU operates around 490 certificates, diplomas, degrees and doctoral programs with the help of about 420 faculty members and around 36 thousand consultants from mutual institutions of higher education, professional organizations and industry sector in their headquarter and regional centers.

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