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Career options for Commerce students

Although commerce as a field has a lot to offer, there has been a decline in students interest in Commerce.

A common misconception is that there aren’t much career options for Commerce Students. However, it is not true. Commerce surely is quite a vast field which can offer you numerous career choices. There are a lot of career options wide open for commerce students ranging from being in Management to being an entrepreneur. If you too are confused about your choice of career despite being a commerce student then our experts have made it easy for you as here are some you can explore.

1. Economics

This is basically the study of goods, services, resources, and production. Career opportunities in Economics include working as an economist, statistician, strategist, risk management analyst, operations research analyst, budget analyst and likewise. In order to pursue a career in Economics, one needs to study either a BA, BSc, (Honors.) Economics, Bachelor of Business Economics, or a major in Economics following which you can pursue a Master’s in Economics.

2. Actuarial Science

Professionals in this field work on analyzing the risk involved in various fields such as insurance, business, finance, and healthcare. Career opportunities in actuarial science may include but are not limited to, life insurance, health insurance, general insurance, pension funds, enterprise risk, actuary consulting firms, investments, risk management, retirement funds and so on. In terms of education, you need to have a Bachelor’s in either Math, Statistics or Commerce. In addition to this, you are also required to clear the Actuarial Common Entrance Test and further register with the Institute of Actuaries of India.

3. Management

Management involves the coordination, planning, forecasting and organizing of a company’s working and functioning processes in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency across the entire company. Career options for management include, general management, human resources, marketing, sales, strategy, operations management, supply chain management, finance, etc which can be found in any type of company like telecom, education, manufacturing and so forth. Education required to pursue management can be in any field, preferably a BBA or BMS which can further be followed by an MBA with a specialization in a specific area.

4. Chartered Accountancy

This is one of the most commonly chosen fields among commerce students. Chartered accountants work across fields such as audits, taxation, investments, finance, and likewise in the best interest of the relevant organization. CAs can choose from different career alternatives like auditing, tax consultation, corporate finance, investment banking, and other government or private sector jobs. After working for a few years, a private firm can also be a long term option.

5. Finance

This field of commerce includes financial planning, generation of funds/capital, the flow of company cash, managing assets, and other capital-related tasks. A career in finance may include, investment banking, financial planning, financial analysis, corporate finance, private equity, wealth management, and risk management. In the graduate stage, a basic BBA/B.Com. a degree would suffice in terms of being able to pursue a career in finance. In the postgraduate stage, a Masters in Finance, or an MBA in Finance can opt.

6. Entrepreneurship

This field has become more prevalent in today’s culture and many people are opting for it. It involves starting a new business from scratch including the development of a business idea, structure building, strategizing, and finally launching the company. A new business can be started for any good or service. Educationally, a BBA or an MBA can be the most beneficial paths to pursue.

Commerce is a diverse field with numerous career options. Besides the options mentioned above, other areas can also be explored. As and when a suitable interest or path is recognized, one can further discuss ideas and possibilities with guidance or a career counsellor for additional assistance and resources.

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What to do after 12th?

Are you confused about what to do after completing 12th standard. We've got your back!
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

A question that nags most of the students who have passed their school or will be passing this year is ‘What to do after 12th?’ While few students might have already decided on what they want to do after 12th, many students still might be confused about where to go ahead further.

Irrespective of the category in which you fall under, the decision about what to do after Class 12th, is an important one. With a wide variety of courses, streams, colleges and career paths to choose from, it is obvious for students to get confused about what lies ahead. However, it is not as intimidating as some of the students might think.

Why is it important

Selecting the right pathway is crucial as a right choice will lead to a rewarding career and choosing the wrong option will mean that your precious time and energy is wasted and that too in something that doesn’t really interest you. Moreover, the decision that you take now will be the one that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Although there is little scope for changing your career after joining a graduation course, you will still end up wasting the most important and productive years of your life.

Why so difficult

Students these days are faced with a plethora of options all of which look almost equally fruitful and alluring. This has further complicated the decision making process for the students who have just passes 12th standard. They are far more open to experimenting with new fields and are building careers as tea tasters, graphic designers, professional photographers, ethical hackers and many other such fields that were completely unheard of a few years back.

How to choose the right Graduation Course

Here are some of the major points that you should consider while deciding upon the best course:

Your Interests

Having mental clarity about what you want to do in future and how keenly interested you are in a particular field, will be really helpful in deciding your way ahead.

Understanding of the course

Before deciding as to which course to go for, it is crucial to understand what that course entails and what all will be covered in it? To put it simply, you should keenly understand what's there in store for you once you take that course. It involves understanding what all topics and subjects will be covered, what are you going to learn, the kind of teaching pedagogy that would be followed. 

Talk to the seniors who are already studying that course, it is the most easiest and convenient way of getting this information. Then you can speak to people who are working in the fields that are similar to your interest. Then, you can also find some relevant information by consulting a career counsellor or from the internet by doing some research.

Future Prospects

Another important factor to consider is the future prospects of the course. Especially, if you are considering going for some new or off-beat courses, it is essential to understand the job and further study prospects that it holds. Its good to go for a course that matches your interests but it is only wise to be cautious of the future prospects that it offers. Ask yourself, 'What are the career opportunities that would be available after the course is done?' 

In case you need more career guidance, our experts are always there to help. You can send us an email on expert@teentalkindia.com or directly chat with our experts between 11 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday.

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