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Career in Beauty and Make-up

Are you someone who loves the beauty industry? Are you someone who is crazy about make up? Here’s a list of prospects in beauty study to explore

“Beauty is not flawless, but it shines even through your flows…”. And that is the power of beauty. 

Everyone wants to feel beautiful and being an artist - it is your greatest power to make one feel the way they want to see themselves. 

In this fastest growing world, the demand for the beauty sector is impressive. Hence, if you have the knack or talent to pursue it, then choose beauty. 

The beauty industry is remarkably known as a big fat gala field because of its glamour and charm. Nevertheless, every job or passion requires hard work to be succeeded and comes with pros & cons. So, aim for the stars. 

To make your life easy, and cleansing the doubts you have, here’s a list of prospects in beauty study to explore – 

“It doesn’t matter if your life is perfect as long as your hair is”.  For all, a good hair day is a must-have thing in everyday life. But sometimes, it doesn’t come naturally, and here a hairstylist works as a magician and does the magic by setting, trimming, shampooing, styling hair and sometimes colouring too.

Scope of work: 
You can work with celebrities – be it as their hairdresser or occasional. Hairstylists are in demand among the commoners too as everybody wants a touch up before an event, party or wedding.

Make-up artist 
Being a make-up artist, you have a lot of facets to explore. You can bring a dramatic yet satisfactory change to one’s look. So, shine on!

Scope of work: 
From working in TV, Theatre, films, prosthetic artist, fashion shows, mortuary science to commercial photography, you can land up with your dream job.

Nail artist: 
Who doesn’t want to have a nicely done nail to beautify their image, right? 
That's where a nail artist comes to save their wish! You will be responsible for the grooming of your client’s fingernails or toenails by giving manicures, pedicures, shaping, cutting, and nail polish application. 

Scope of work:
You can work in the entertainment industry or salons, spas or resorts. 

Spa professional: 
In this busy world, people look for relaxation in a calm and comfortable environment. A spa professional’s job is to take of their wellness. 

Scope of work: 
There are multiple spa & salons and any many 5 star hotels keep their in-house spa. So, it’s a great opportunity to pursue your career in spa & wellness as well.  

Beauty blogger:
Now, last but not least. The world will look up to you. You can be the trendsetter with your amazing skills. If you are passionate about make-up and artistry, go for it! Let the world be head over heels in love with you. 

Scope of work:
You can start on your own or be the ambassador for the brand as well. The choice is yours, but it’s beauty ultimately. 

The parks of beauty are when the magic is done; one just has to flip their hair and chin up to rule the world! 

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Starting a career in data science

Choosing a career in Data Science is a good option, not because it’s trendy but because it’s an extremely promising field
Snigdha Teentalkindia Counsellor

As we are living in the Big Data Era, Data Science is becoming a very promising field to harness and process huge volumes of data generated from various sources.

The Big Data Era has made Data Science to become an extremely promising field for young aspirants and for those with a keen interest in computer science.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a discipline which is consisting of studies related to statistics, mathematics, programming, computer science and so on. Data science requires several elements, techniques and theories including math, statistics, predictive analysis, data modeling, data engineering, data mining, and visualization.

Data Scientist understands the exploratory analysis to discover information from it and uses various advanced machine learning algorithms to identify the occurrence of a specific event in the future

So, Data Science is primarily used to make decisions and predictions making use of predictive causal analytics, prescriptive analytics (predictive plus decision science) and machine learning.

How to be a Data Scientist?

To become a data scientist, you can opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science, Physical sciences, and Statistics. The most common fields of study are Mathematics and Statistics (32%), followed by Computer Science (19%) and Engineering (16%). 

After your degree program, you need to complete a Master's degree or Ph.D.  You can also undertake online training to learn a special skill like how to use Hadoop or Big Data querying. Therefore, you can enroll in a master's degree program in the field of Data Science, Mathematics, Astrophysics or any other related field. 

The skills you have learned during your degree program will enable you to easily move your steps for data science. 

Skills needed to be a Data Scientist?

Technical skills apart from the education required for this course are -

  1. Python Coding

  2. Hadoop Platform

  3. SQL data coding

  4. Apache Spark

  5. Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence

  6. Data Visualization

  7. Unstructured data

Along with such technical skills you need to acquire some non-technical skills like Communication, Business Acumen, Intellectual curiosity and Teamwork.

Job profiles for data science courses -

  1. Data Analyst
    SQL, R, SAS, Python are some of the most suited technologies to learn for data analysis. So, certification in these can easily give a good start to your job applications. You should also have good problem-solving qualities.

  2. Data Engineers
    If you are interested in a career as a data engineer, then technologies that require hands-on experience include Hive, NoSQL, R, Ruby, Java, C++. It would also help if you can work with popular data APIs and ETL tools, etc.

  3. Database Administrator
    Some of the essential skills and talents of a database administrator include database backup and recovery, data security, data modeling, and design, etc. If you are good at disaster management, it’s certainly an advantage.

  4. Machine Learning Engineer
    Firstly, you should have a sound knowledge of some of the technologies like Java, Python, JS, etc. Secondly, you should have a stronghold of statistics and mathematics.

  5. Data Architect
    A career in data architecture needs knowledge in data warehousing, data modeling, extraction transformation and loan (ETL), etc. You also must be well versed in Hive, Pig, and Spark, etc.

  6. Statistician
    A statistician has to have a passion for logic. They are also good with a variety of database systems such as SQL, data mining, and the various machine learning technologies.

  7. Business Analyst
    Business analysts act as a link between the data engineers and the management executives. So, they should have an understanding of business finances and business intelligence, and also the IT technologies like data modeling, data visualization tools, etc.

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