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My MOM motivated me when…

Five young students share how their mothers motivated them during a difficult phase of their lives.

1. Bullied out
My batch mates used to bully me in school. They would form a gang, catch hold of me and beat me up. Their favourite time used to be the recess. When I would share my story with others, surprisingly, they would not believe me. Even my dad did not pay much attention to it. However, once my mom came to school during recess and saw the others beating me up. She immediately reported the complaint to the Principal, and shifted me to another school. – Robin Masseyy

2. Pressure to succeed
Everyone has moments of doubt. Thoughts of failure can swarm in your mind leaving you restless and agitated. My mom always tried to re-affirm the fact that I can do better. There were times when my closest friends turned against me. They tried to pull me down by passing nasty remarks. My mom reminded me to have faith in myself. - Anonymous

3. Not being able to fit in
I was bullied in school by my closest friends. They would often take advantage of my nature and disrespect me. Not only did that make me feel lonely, it also affected my self-confidence. I shared the incident with my mother and she became a friend to me. She really picked me from there. 
– Anoushka Jain

4. Overcoming exam stress 
Whenever any project comes up, sometimes I am unable to coordinate things or be a good leader, that's when I stress out and don't feel I am capable of doing much. In such a situation it's my mom who always reminds me that I am capable of doing much more and the fact that I am trying makes me a winner already. My mom motivates me to become a better person and shows me the potential I do not see in myself. – Mimiksha Roy

5. Fending off negative emotions
From choosing career options to making daily life choices, my mom supports me. Her favourite line is, “don’t be soo pessimistic.” – Teesta Rawal

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Letters from Stargazer!

A teen shares his experience of overcoming bullying in middle school...
Nishtha JunejaTeentalkindia Content Writer

Dear teenager,


Before we start I’d like to make an acquaintance, my name is Stargazer. I’m just a normal 15-year-old; believe me, I’m a real person just like you. But there’s something more to me, which makes me proud of myself…let’s find out.

Make yourself comfortable, get a snack, settle in, because I’m about to tell you the story of my life.

We go through all sorts of stuff in middle school and high school. I’ve been through those dark days too. I can assure you. The only difference is that I can be your future; and that we’ve shared the same past (FYI: Nothing is made up, it’s the truth).

The middle school nightmare

Middle school was made a nightmare for me. It all started then. I have grey hair and I was mocked by nearly every single kid in school. Even my juniors made fun of me, if that helps. What made matters worse was the hyperactivity.

I haven’t shared this with anyone, so here’s our first secret; now you can trust me. I’d get these chilling intuitions out of nowhere. I would start jumping, laughing, shrieking and what not. I was mocked again. The sick jerks at my school would spread rumours that I am gay! Although I’m not; and have nothing against LGBTQ people; on the contrary I support them. The sad reality is that these jerks become constant catalysts to making matters worse.

Now, I love laughing at these people. Even though the cycle of mocking never ends, I got accustomed to it. It doesn’t bother me anymore. I don’t feel left out anymore because I have become one with them.

Be the nice person

I had a choice to become like these people and make fun of others or be nice. I chose to be nice. Being nice takes courage and is a test of your will power. It shows that even after being made the object of their jokes, you’re not affected. Appreciate being nice. Love yourself for this.

If you feel that the world doesn’t see the good in you, buckle up, because someone does. You’re brave and smart and headstrong to not have this ‘school-shit’ ruin you. I know it’s difficult to let go of what middle school brings to you, but at what cost? You cannot let this affect you. Have faith in your goodness, believe me, it works like anything. And as a consequence, even though I’m still mocked, some people in my school love and respect me.

Time changes, scenarios change. Life takes new turns. Because surprise! You’re in high school now. Alert: danger awaits. But move ahead, don’t quit, things get beautiful. Trust me and close your eyes and move ahead, now. Learn to let go of the past, it doesn’t bring anything, but regret. Whoever you were in those years, don’t let it ruin your today.

You’re a new person. A star in the galaxy. And I’m seeing you shine bright. Love yourself. You’ll love it.

Yours truly,


If you have an inspiring story to share, send it to edit@teentalkindia.com.

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