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Selfies are cool, dying is not

Taking selfies gives teens 15 seconds of fame, according to experts

According to a report in the Independent, “The country (India) was the setting for 60 per cent of all selfie-related deaths in two years. A study found that between March 2014 and September 2016, 60 per cent of all “selfie deaths”, where a person dies while trying to take a picture of themselves, occurred in India.”

Every parent must have asked their teenagers not to be glued on their mobile phones more than once. That is an understatement, they might tell their teenagers every day upon waking up to not be on their phones all the time. However, here is the dichotomy. Millenials today are digital natives whereas our parents and grandparents are digital immigrants. It does not come as a surprise that a teenager today will be more anxious upon losing his mobile phone as compared to the previous generations. Take for example the case of a Mumbai-girl who jumped out of a moving local train because her phone fell off or the example of another teen who drowned at Marine Drive while taking a selfie. The situation reached to an extent where the city police had to deploy bandobast (police personnel) at selfie points.

Why are teenagers addicted to taking selfies? We asked Teentalk India Expert Kshitija Sawant, and she says, “It makes them feel like a movie star for the moment. It gives you 15 seconds of fame. You can put up a selfie on social media and become a mini-movie star.”

She also says that the momentary pleasure is so strong, they do not look at the bigger picture.

Some tips to avoid death by taking selfies:

1. You can stay safe and take a selfie. You do not have to travel to a dangerous spot and take a selfie.

2. If you go to a spot that is dangerous, access and see if there is a risk factor or there is a possibility to fall.

3. Look at the bigger picture, your life is more important than taking a selfie.

4. Check for beauty but also check for safety.

5. Lastly, do not jump out of a moving vehicle if you lose your phone.

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5 times you should not use your mobile phone

There are moments when you do not need your mobile phone, here are some.
Nishtha JunejaTeentalkindia Content Writer

How many of you have slept while texting your friend or while binge-watching Game of Thrones? Many. What do we do the first thing we get up in the morning, check the notifications on our phone. Keeping up to date with what’s happening around us is fine, but having anxiety about how many “likes” your new Instagram photo got is addictive behaviour. According to research, it is not healthy.

1.Before going to bed

“If I check conversations on the whatsapp group before going to bed, I spent hours on it. This makes me go to sleep late, and wake up groggy,” says a 16-year-old. Late-night conversations have their own charm, no one is denying that, but at the cost of limited sleep and a sick feeling in the morning. According to experts, light from the phone screen supresses the sleep hormone.

2. Waking up in the morning
This might sound insane. Not checking your phone before going to bed and upon waking up, then when exactly do I check my phone. Maybe after you’ve woken up and not exactly the moment you wake up.

3. The moment you feel bored
Most psychologists would advise you to designate particular hours to use your phone, but because of the changing times, it can be challenging. What you can do instead is check your phone when there is a need for checking it. For example, when you want to make a call or send an important text.

4. When you’re having a good time
Many people want to capture good moments and memories by taking lots of pictures on their phone. It’s an awesome way to remember the date you went on or the school trip. However, only taking pictures and putting them on social media might kill the fun of actually being in the moment and enjoying the camping trip with your friends. What is more fun, setting up a camp or taking a photo of setting up a camp?

5. When you’re having an intense conversation with a friend
It is really irritating when your friend wants to share his or her deepest thoughts with you, and all you care about is who is texting you. Psychologists have documented the importance of face-to-face conversation time and again. By that, they mean talking to and looking at the person in front of them and not on video call on your phone.

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