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Study Tips to Improve Concentration and Better Focus

When you’re constantly surrounded by technology and gadgets, it is only easier to get easily distracted.

There are many things that go within one’s head and in their lives. Circumstances also make things difficult for one to focus on studies.

We are here to guide you with effective tips and strategies that will enhance your concentration and help you focus better on studies.



1.Manage your sleep

Get a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep should be one of your priorities if you’re looking to concentrate better and enhance your learning capacity. Sleep deprivation affects your mood, focus and impairs your judgment and concentration. 

2. Rest & Refresh

Physical exercise has benefits for both mind and body. A 15-20 minutes walk before studying helps in  improving concentration. Taking a walk will energize your body and boost your concentration.

3.Take 10 deep breaths

After every 3 hours take a break and disconnect from everything. Take 10 deep breaths and relax yourself. Breathing exercises relaxes you and improves focus. 

4.Tune into Music

Music does help in calming us down and focusing better. Students use it as a tool to keep their calm and regain energy. So listen to soft music to keep your focus intact.

5. Find a peaceful environment 

Finding a suitable environment and time for your study is key for gaining the best concentration. One must ensure minimal distractions to increase their prodcutivity. Choose a convinent time that enhances your focus and concentration. 

 6. Choose your Buddy

One can choose a buddy with whom they can share the doubts and also learn new techniques to cover your syllabus. They can even help with managing study time with proper attention to every subject. The study buddy should motivate and counter your distractions.


 Follow these tips to perform well with improved concentration and better preparation for your exams.

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How to prepare for NEET 2019 in 1 month?

"He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration"- Samuel Taylor
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

Given the high-stakes nature of NEET exam, most of the aspirants will be dealing with the anxiety and nervousness during their revision and preparations in the last 30 days before NEET 2019. Therefore, beating the stress and following the best preparation routine is the key factor for effective preparation of NEET UG 2019 in the last month. A healthy one month preparation tips of NEET is helpful for candidates to build upon a bed- rock of three components - a disciplined study routine, marathon revisions and regular mock test practice.

Study routine: Devote about 14 hours each day to studies combined with small breaks for an ideal last month study routine. Continuous studies will help aspirants regularize study schedule, reduce stress caused by indiscipline and provide ample time to revise the vast NEET syllabus in just a month. Divide the study hours between the revisions of NEET 2019 syllabus, NEET mock test practice and analysis of errors. Do not try to attempt/solve any other study materials which are not necessary. During the last preparatory days, students should just go through NCERT books which contain effective and in-depth knowledge of every topic.

Stress busters: Limit the presence of distractions like social media, games, etc. Use these only either as means for refreshment or as stress buster. Remember that these are to be used during study breaks only, and cracking the exam should remain the main goal. One can keep time for light physical exercises like yoga or meditation to reduce fatigue and remain fresh and calm. Take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. Eat a healthy & balanced diet and avoid junk foods. 

Question based revision: To revise a particular chapter/topic/unit from Physics or Chemistry, choose 45-50 random MCQ questions (as per NEET 2019 exam pattern) from that chapter/topic/unit and solve them in 45 minutes. For revision of Biology, choose 90 MCQ type questions at random from a chapter/topic/unit and solve them in 90 minutes. Repeat this strategy for revision of all chapters of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. This will simulate real exam environment wherein you will get on an average of 90 minutes each for Physics and Chemistry (45 questions each) and 90 minutes for Biology (90 questions).

Analyze performance: After every mock test, analyze the performance. Take notes of weak areas and work on them during revision time. Also keep a note of recurring mistakes, for instance, forgetfulness in converting units, etc. One week before the exam, read these notes so these mistakes are not repeated in the exam. Don’t read any new topics before 2-3 months of the exam. Just revise all the older ones. Take help from your mentors and teachers. They will help you in a better way regarding the weak areas.

NEET preparation requires a well-planned study plan in the last month, which will ensure that an appropriate amount of time is set aside for each subject. The above tips on how to prepare for NEET Exam will help you to make a solid strategic plan and give you the basic do’s and don’ts while your preparation.

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