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3 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated while Studying

Accept it, when exams are just around the corner, everything else, except studies, becomes interesting, even staring at the wall. We all have faced it, though some of us fight with it and some just go with the flow and panic in the exam hall.

Whether you are an average student or the topper of your class, staying motivated to study, especially during exams, is a challenge for all. So here is your teentalk friend to your rescue.

Divide huge assignments into smaller ones

When you have a huge study material with you, your brain starts to feel lethargic already. To overcome this, break down your material into smaller and manageable chunks and set a deadline for them. This also helps in a way that when you study smaller sections, you focus more and also understand the details with more ease.

Have a study routine

It becomes easy to remain motivated when you have a set schedule for it. Make studying a part of your everyday routine, probably in the early hours of the day. That way you’ll know that your time for studying is fixed and your friends and family would also so-operate and wont disturb you at that fixed time. Make sure to stay away from TV, Laptop, mobile phone or any other distraction while you are studying.

To learn how to make a sound timetable, click on the link below:


Keep changing your approach

A fixed study approach will become boring after a while. Changing your study style will not only help you to stay focused for a long time but will also help you understand which all approaches works best for you. For instance, try reading out loud some day, then making mind maps and drawings the other or teaching someone etc.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ policy when it comes to motivation for studying, what works for your friend might not work for you. So keep trying until you find your unique way to remain motivated while studying. All the best!

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Exam preparation for 12th ICSE

Exams are just around the corner. Here are a few tips that will help you face your 12th exams with confidence and come out with flying colours.
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

If you ask the toppers of recent years they all would give you different answers as how they managed to score so well. However, one thing that would be same in all of them will be a Strategic plan. So if you haven’t made a plan yet, we are here to your rescue.

Know your tasks: Understand the syllabus of your exams then figure out most important parts of it.  Also know your strength and weakness in each subject.

Plan: Allocate time and plan for your studies. Make daily and weekly time tables. If you have studied theory subjects like history or languages for an hour, switch to some practical study like maths, grammar, and diagrams. New Stimuli means your brain is back to focus with high concentration. Understand how much of your syllabus is done and how much needs to be revised

Study Smart: Make mnemonics, flash cards, mind maps, revision charts, flow charts etc to help you remember study material easily and for a long time.

Plan + Practice: This is specifically for practical exams. Don’t ignore practical exams as they add up in your overall score.

Write – Write a lot, solve last few years ISC question papers along with setting timer in alarm clock. 

Allocate time to Rest / Recreation / Rejuvenation – Allocate time for some hobby activities and physical play every day to keep your mind and body healthy and focused. Breaks in between studies are necessary.

Cut out on Technology / Social Media – Restricts your mobile / tab / computer usage for whatsapp, games, facebook, instagram, twitter etc.  This will help you avoid any additional personal stress and distractions.

Eat Healthy balanced diet: Quit eating junk/fast/oily/ready to eat food items and go for a healthy and balanced diet plan. Stick to simple healthy home cooked meals to enhance your memory concentration and help you your best performance in exams.

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