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All about Rote Learning

Rote learning is something that cannot be omitted from the educational system as it has its own benefits. Also, it is not ideal in all scenarios. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of Rote Learning

While studying, we tend to apply a bunch of techniques to prepare for our examinations. One prominent technique that is followed by many is Rote Learning.

Rote learning is defined as a memorizing technique which is based on repetition. The idea is to repeat something over and over till it is completely documented in the brain for later retrieval. We all have applied Rote learning in our life knowingly or unknowingly. During childhood, we applied Rote learning while memorizing alphabets, numbers, rhymes, days, months, multiplication tables and spelling words. In high school, we applied it while memorizing the formulas of chemical elements, or the formulas in mathematics.

Parents and teachers tend to recommend children to memorize things in their childhood years and gradually it becomes a habit. However one simply learns better if he/she understands the concept behind it.

Recently new techniques like associative learning, meta-cognition, and critical thinking have been replacing the Rote learning technique.

Our Teentalkindia Experts shared the advantages and disadvantages of Rote Learning.


-A fast and easy way of memorizing and recalling things.

-In Rote learning, the memorized data is stored in our memory, we can use that data as and when we need it.

-Adapting and using this technique will help in doing advance problem-solving.

-Beneficial for children in memorizing alphabets, numbers, etc.

-There are children with special needs who can only use Rote learning.

-It is also helpful in learning foreign languages.

-This technique helps to build the foundation which can be used in learning and understanding advanced concepts.

-It doesn’t require referring to any extra sources.

-It helps in storing our knowledge quantitatively.



-There is a chance of forgetting things if we stopped using it for a long time.

-Things are memorized by repetition so people won’t pay much attention in understanding the facts.

-There is less chance of recalling it without understanding it.

-This technique doesn’t support critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

-It doesn’t give a chance to understand the concepts behind the memorization.

Rote learning is something that cannot be omitted or dismissed from the educational system as it has its own benefits. Also, it is not ideal in all scenarios. However, it can be clubbed with other learning techniques like conceptual or meaningful learning which also gives an option of critical thinking while providing all the facts. It will give us a more fruitful result if we use it with other learning techniques.

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How to get along with teachers in college

As exciting as it can be, the transition from school to college is usually a difficult one
Gousiya Teentalkindia Content Writer

The very thought of going to college is joyful and exciting for teenagers. This freshly acquired freedom is often enjoyable by students, but the suddenness with which it comes can be distracting. The dynamics of teaching and learning is different in colleges from what it is in schools. To make the most out of college learning, you need to pay close attention to your association with teachers in addition to being disciplined about studies.

In case you are wondering how here’s how:

You must go to class

Regular attendance is important not only for good relations with the teacher but also to make sure you don’t miss anything. No matter how large the strength of your class is, professors’ notice who’s there and who’s not in class.

When you have to miss a class due to an emergency

Make sure to get study notes from your classmate whose work you respect. In the next class, after your absence, tell the professor you’ve got the notes and inform him/her why you didn’t come yesterday. Teachers appreciate the sincerity.

Don’t be late

Not only coming late leaves a bad impression but the first few minutes of class are also vital as they are used by teachers to make important announcements regarding projects, assignments, presentations, etc. Also, make sure whenever you are given any project or assignment, you submit it on time.

Meeting your professor

When you have to meet your professor for any project or assignment, be on time. And if you have to cancel the appointment, inform your professor. Remember, he/she might be busy with other things, so it’s your duty to inform him/her of your change in plans.

Find the place

Locate your professor’s department and his seat so that you don’t have to waste time looking around for his place later.

Be courteous

You might not agree with everything that is being discussed in class. When asking questions, don’t be hostile or demand answers aggressively. When you have a disagreement, preface your question like ‘Could you please elaborate on...?’ Try using negative leads.

Improved teaching depends on you

The kinds of feedback teachers receive from students help them. Therefore, specific, positive and constructive feedback can really improve the learning situation.

Always bring textbook and notebook to class

This gives the impression that you are well-prepared to work with interest. To know how to make study notes effectively in class, click here https://olympiadimages.dbcorp.in/explore/academic-pressure/taking-notes-effectively-in-the-classroom

Most professors are also interesting people with interests other than their subjects also. You may find that your professor and you have a common interest that can be the basis of a good relationship long after you have finished the course. You may find more interesting things about yourself, when in the company of a professor. Also, professors have information about special opportunities which you may find useful.

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