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A guide to dealing with strict teachers

Cracking the code of dealing with strict teachers...

Teachers are arguably the most influential people that we meet in our lives. The best ones, the good ones and the not so good ones – all teachers manage to influence us in ways unimaginable.    

While an encouraging, supportive teacher can help us ace a particular subject, a not so great teacher can make us detest it. That said; we can’t expect all teachers to be as wise and perceptive as Professor Dumbledore.

Sometimes we have to deal with teachers who are not as supportive and understanding as we’d like. Some have unrealistic expectations and can be strict about it too.   

Precisely why it is important to know how to navigate through academic expectations and ace the art of dealing with strict teachers. Here is how…

It’s not always about you  

It is important to know that if a teacher has been rough on you it may not always be about you. Maybe they don’t have an issue with you but are just having a bad day.

It is also possible that your teacher has some personal troubles or is closing in on retirement. So refrain from taking anything personally unless of’ course you are the only one being subjected to ill-treatment.       

Give them the benefit of doubt

There is every possibility that your teacher has a difficult personality or a difficult style of teaching but means well. Some people are harsher and more aggressive than others but that doesn’t mean they have something against you.

If however the teacher deliberately humiliates you and tries to frighten you continuously, then you need to involve your parents.


Most times it is difficult to see one’s own mistake. With teachers though, it is important to evaluate if you are part of the problem. Look within and analyze if you have been contributing to the bad situation between you and your teacher.

If you have been slacking in a particular subject, you can’t blame your teacher for being upset with you. At such times, it helps to honestly reach out to your teacher and ask for help.


Communication as they say is key. It is important to reach out to your teachers so they know you are involved. Teachers like students who take initiatives. So make sure you communicate and talk to your teacher about your weaknesses and strengths.

Ask for advice and take criticism without being defensive.    

Focus on your own success

Last but not the least important thing is to know that the constructive feedback that your teachers give you, eventually works in your favor.

It is easy to get caught in the cycle where it is cool to be judgmental about your teachers and make fun of them. What if your teacher is being a taskmaster only to discipline you? Maybe their unreasonable behavior has a reasonable explanation.

In such a situation, you don’t have to make friends with your teacher, but just know how to turn the situation work in your favor and benefit from it.   

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5 Recreational activities to pump you up in the time of exams

Keep calm and beat the exam blues with these activities...
Snigdha Teentalkindia Counsellor

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – if the said phrase perfectly sums up your life during exams, then you young guns must do everything possible to keep yourselves from dulling down.

The never ending classes, tests, exams can weigh you down, we get it. While there is no escaping the academic grind, there are ways to make the most of those well-deserved breaks amidst that hectic study schedule.

Here are 5 recreational activities that will pump you up to study harder and focus better...

(The best part is, you can easily accommodate these activities in your study schedule.)


Even though that bus ride or a quick drive seems convenient, cycle your way to school and classes instead. Taking the time to cycle will help you channelize your energies and stay focused. Not to mention the health benefits of a physical activity in between those long sittings to study.

Maintain a plant

If you care about the green inhabitants of the planet then do it for the love of plants, if not then do it for yourself. When it comes to recreational activities, keeping a plant has umpteen benefits.

One, it keeps you grounded and connected to nature. Two, it makes you step out and look forward to something apart from your books. Having a plant teaches patience and perseverance.

Our in-house Psychologist Sheena Kalia advocates these recreational activities as brain-cell boosters; “When you constantly study without taking breaks, the brain stops registering meaningfully after a while. The retention or outcome may then not be as fruitful. This is when these brief breaks to reboot can dramatically improve your concentration thus helping you gather your thoughts and return refreshed to your books”


Play music while you eat

Music is said to have a therapeutic effect on us humans. Music can help you calm your stress levels. It is said to improve your attention span and memory too but most of all, it evokes positivity.

So next time you are taking a break from studying or sitting down for dinner, remember to tune in to your favorite music.  

Phone a friend

When you sit studying for hours together without speaking to anyone, it is very easy to slip into zombie mode. Talking a few minutes out to talk to a friend can help you stay motivated and release the stress.

Discussing your study schedule with a friend will not only keep you updated but will also help you meet personal deadlines.     

Save time for a sport in your backyard or go for a jog

It might seem like a waste of time but saving 15 minutes of your precious study time for a sport or a jog will help you in ways you can’t imagine.

You need a physical activity to keep yourself from rusting and feeling lethargic. A physical activity like a walk or a jog can boost your energy levels thus helping you to study better.



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